James E. Eilers

Professor (& Chair '94-03) .   A.B.,  1966,  Bradley University.  Ph.D.,  1971,  Case Western Reserve University.   Postdoctoral at Oxford University,   England.   Dr. Eilers joined SIUE in 1994 after eight years as a member of the Eastman Kodak Research Laboratories.   Prior to that he held academic appointments with Case Western Reserve University,   Bradley University  , and the State University of New York at Brockport.   His research interests include many aspects of applied quantum chemistry and other forms of molecular modeling.   Some systems of recent emphasis include dyes,   molecules for intermolecular electron transport systems,   and molecules that self-assemble into aggregates that possess new and useful properties beyond those of the constituent molecules.

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Advanced Physical Chemistry: Molecular Symmetry and Spectroscopy
Syllabus 2007 Book Finder Overheads etc. Test 1 answers Test 2 answers Paper Topics Homework Solutions

111 Contemporary Chemistry It is highly recommended that you visit the Text Book's web site and make use of the materials there.
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113 Introductory Chemistry ww
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Syllabus Overheads etc. Quizes & Tests Homework Solutions

Special Topics in Physical Chemistry: Molecular Modeling
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P-Chem I
Syllabus for P-Chem I    (Fall of 2004) Overheads etc. Homework Assignments Homework Solutions & sample quizes
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11-8 exercise (melting water at non-standard conditions)
11-19 exercise I 11-19 exercise II 11-19 exercise IIb 11-19 exercise IIc 11-19 exercise IId
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P-Chem II
Syllabus for P-Chem 2   (Spring of 2005) Overheads etc. Homework Assignments
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test1 answers test2 answers quiz2 quiz3 quiz4
test2-98answers test3-98answers
quiz on term symbols quiz on Unsold's theorem

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