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Jim Andris, Sept. 17, 2003.

Christmas 92

Hi! Can you believe it, it's already time for another Christmas letter.

It's been a difficult and challenging year for both of us. I applied for, but have been delayed for a year in my bid for promotion to full professor. I have also been engaged in a year-long struggle for the computer lab which I have built. Stephen has had a lengthy bout with ulcerative colitis and lost his dog, Molly.

Through it all, we've managed to find large segments of our life to treasure. Fortunately, Molly is survived by Leonard Catkin, the most beautiful and loving cat, we believe, in the whole world. We had a lovely garden this summer and are continuing to develop a specialty iris garden next year.

During our trip to Memphis this summer, we saw several exhibits, including "Splendors of the Ottoman Sultans" and "The Etruscans." We also visited most of Stephen's relatives in Oregon and California, including his mother, sister Janice and brothers Jim and Larry and their families. There was the trip to Iowa and Wisconsin to visit Stephen's dear friend Agatha, my cousin Marlene and to celebrate the wedding of Debbie Breiter, whose parents have been friends with me since gradutate school days.

I've also taken up as a new hobby, genealogy, and have traced both our family histories back to our immigrant ancestors. In fact, this Thanksgiving, we were regaled with hours of family tales from my mom's incredible memory. This time I got all of them down on paper.

We've also been slowly but steadily renovating our place, working on the family room and office, and finishing the bathroom.

This holiday season we are very pleased to have Stephanie with us for a whole month. It is a joy to see her continue to do so well in her college studies. It won't be long until she graduates. We're thankful for a few good friends, a church to worship in, a comfortable home, and just for the gift of our lives separately and together. May God bless you in this Holiday Season and New Year.

Jim and Stephen