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Jim Andris, April 24, 2004.


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The Catholic Church Needs to Change

This page is what you are going to be stuck with for the forseeable future. I have come to the conclusion that the leadership of the Catholic Church is so immoral, that I have to speak out about it. This latest blanket condemnation of homosexuals by calling for their ban from either priesthood or seminary is one of the most hateful and disingenuous things ever done by a pope.

To be frank, and I need a really powerful image here, it is like blaming someone else for your own farts. Or child abuse. Or murders. In short, it really stinks.

Of course this is the coarsest form of discrimination and hipocracy. It involves ignoring the enormous wrongdoing of those who are not homosexual, while asserting that each and every homosexual bears the guilt of the small percentage of homosexual men who actually violated the trust of the priesthood. Punishing the innocent, protecting the guilty.

They used to send the child-molesting priest on to another parish or kick him upstairs to a higher office, but now they are going to stand in the pulpit and point at the homosexuals. This is such shameful behavior.

The Pope is saying that there is no such thing as a good homosexual. Outrageous. Not to mention that women don't deserve the trust of full priesthood also. Totally outrageous.

People, this is the Twenty First Century. Wake up. Grind this archaic institution into the ground. Don't support it. Please, there are other churches that can tend to your spiritual needs without this oppresive and archaic and anti-scientific ideology.

Just a thought for you to consider.