The Safe-Cabinet Company in Marietta, Ohio

I received an e-mail from Miles, who had purchased an old safe made at the Safe-Cabinet Company, formerly located in Marietta, Ohio. He had contacted me because an Internet search on that company name had turned up only my reference to the company as a place where my grandfather, Frank Sullivan, had been employed many years ago. As a result of this contact, I interviewed my mother more carefully on the company, took three pictures of the now abandoned facility, and contacted the genealogy library in Marietta which is part of the Washington County Public Library. I was directed to a folder containing three articles referencing the now defunct company. This material had been donated by a Mr. Febus. Two of these articles, included below, were from the Marietta Times. The third article came from a 1987 brochure entitled "Steelcase the First 75 Years." This document traced the early history of the Steelcase Company of Grand Rapids, Michigan, which was founded in 1912. One of the original founders of this company, Peter M. Wege, was mentioned as a former executive with the Safe-Cabinet Company.

Recall of Lorene S. Andris
Interviewer: James F. Andris, 5/8/2000

My father, Frank Sullivan, worked at the Safe Cabinet Company from 1917 until 1920 until he died. He worked in the paint department. There were some very strong fumes there at times, and they may have contributed to his death. The original plan was located in Tonawonda, New York, but they moved here or started a branch during World War I. They were in business through World War II, because they made some war materials there.

Taken from the Marietta Times, 1/19/1916

Safe-Cabinet Company
Holding Sales Assembly

The annual sales assembly of the Safe-Cabinet Company, which is the occasion for the gathering in this city ofyhe concern's branch managers from all over the United States is being held this week at the big plant in Norwood.

Already, twenty-five out-of-town representatives of the concern are present, and others are arriving on most every train which enters Marietta.

Plans for the 1916 sales campaign are being gone over at the company's offices. The fire tests of the safe-cabinets, always one of the interesting events of the assemblies, will begin Friday night at 8 o'clock. Many representatives and purchasing agents of firms and corporations in different states will be on hand, as usual, to witness these demonstrations of the safe-cabinet's fire resisting qualities.

Taken from the Marietta Times, 6/6/1946

25 Years Ago in Marietta (6/6/1921)

Over 350 visitors are in Marietta for the eighth and largest general convention ever held by the Safe Cabinet Company for its sales representatives. R. H. Dick, president and general manager gave a short historical sketch of the company and he toldwf the inception of the idea in the mind of his father, Rev. W. V. Dick, Methodists minister, which developed and crystalized into the Safe-Cabinet. W. W. Mills, chairman of the board of directors gave the welcoming address.