The Region
Around Kusel

At the Cemetery

We drove to the cemetery in Gumbsweiler. I was really kind of hoping that we would see some tombstones of relatives of Abraham Fickeisen. However, nothing of the kind occurred. Heinrich explained to me that in Europe, you will only find tombstones for the last 30-50 years. They use the graveyards over and over, burying new bodies on top of the old ones. He also had already told me that if the Fickeisens were herdsmen, then they would have moved around quite a lot. We didn't have a chance that day to go to Hundsheim or Lauterecken, both listed birthplaces of Fickeisen kin.


At some point, Heinrich also encouraged me to pursue the Mormon Church records. He explained that you can request records and they will actually send them to you through the mail. I hadn't realized that before. It was getting quite late in the day. We had been at it since early morning. Thank goodness for the big breakfast fixed by our landlady. But we were wearing out. The Beckers and the Peifers had been very patient and indulgent with us. As we drove from Gumbsweiler, it was suggested that we stop at a nice place and have a beer or two. It was probably 3:30 or so in the afternoon.

Just as we had parked and were getting ready to enter the establishment, we happened to notice several railroad hand-cars like the one in the picture below. Whole familes were having lots of fun pumping these cars. Heinrich explained that this was the newest vacation idea in these parts. Next, we were seated and ordered a round of Pilsner. I noticed that many people were just sitting having nice conversation and beer in the middle of the afternoon. The atmosphere was very calm, cordial and charming.

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