The Region
Around Kusel

Later in the day we were to meet the mayor of Selchenbach, Manfred Harth and his wife. They are second and third from left in the picture above. Manfred was descended from the same line that generated Andreas Noe's wife, Carolina Harth. Through Manfred's research we were able to push our Harth line back two more generations to Johan Heinrich Harth (wife, Maria Katharina ) who was born 1682 in Quirnbach and died 28 Apr 1747, Osterbrücken. As with Andreas Noe, I have written in detail about the life of Carolina Harth.

Andreas and Carolina Harth Noe were the parents of my mother's mother's father, Ludwig (Lou) Noe. We turn now to the second branch of my mother's ancestry, her father's mother, Carolina Buertel.

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