Walking to the light show | Trip to Europe

Now properly wined and dined, and feeling the full sting of jet lag, I was ready to go back to the Hotel Caveau and crash. However, Tom had another plan in mind. He really wanted us to go to this light show that was apparently given every evening of the summer. He said that it was quite spectacular, and he tantalized us with stories of acrobats walking upside down on tightropes over colored fountains. Once again, he thought that he could find it if we started walking, but wasn't quite sure where it was. And so we began walking along the river towards this square. On the way we passed quite a few scenic vistas.

We got to the location about an hour before the show began. Tom said this was necessary because people came in at the last minute and the square became extremely crowded. I was hardly able to stand up from fatigue. I found a place next to a stone pillar and literally sat down in the dirt and went to sleep. When I did wake up in 20 minutes or so, I found a stone wall and sat on it. While I was there I looked between the leaves of a tree and spied a couple of young lovers having dinner on the level below me. I snapped a picture of this. Tom and Vicki guarded their position looking over a waist-high wall toward the stories high stone wall on top of which the water aerobics were to take place. About a half hour before the show was to begin, Tom summoned me to come stand in place. I did, and, just as he predicted, people showed up and began to crowd in on us. One older woman was doing her best to insinuate herself between Vicki and me, but we mustered up our most selfish behavior and shut her out.

Now it was getting very dark. I can remember that there was a big container of flowers in front of me. I had the perfume of sweet petunias in my nose for the entire show. Fish and boats dallied in the water. Once the light show started, we were fascinated for the next hour or so. Apparently a long row of as many as 15 fountains were hooked up to some controlling mechanism which took them through various shapes and colors and heights. It was like "a ballet of water fountains." All of this was accomplished to music. I don't have a picture of it, but there was a woman suspended in mid-air on an invisible wire over these fountains. She swept back and forth in various positions as the ballet was going on. Later we would indeed see the tight rope walker cross the fountains upside down. I do have a picture to prove that on. All in all, it was a most marvelous way to end the day. We finally made it by bus back to our room about midnight, and I slept soundly until the next morning.

From Strasbourg to Heidelberg | Trip to Europe

Created by Jim Andris, September 4, 2000.