1. Six Becker brothers and
    sisters left from this house for Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.
  2. Two brothers, Johannes and Jakob Becker left from this house for Marietta, Ohio.
  3. Peter Closz left from this
    house for Newport, Ohio.
  4. Mr. Horbach left from this house for New York City.
  5. Restaurant, Peter Becker left from this to Tiffin, Ohio.
  6. Jakob Kreis left from this house to North Bend/Indiana.
  7. House where the Gerhard family left from to Wash. County, Ohio.
  8. House where a sister of Peter Closz settled.
  9. House, where Heinrich Becker was raised.
  10. Town limitation sign Niederbexbach.
  11. Birthplace of the Eastern Germany dictator Erich Honecker.
  12. Landscape in our area.
  13. Entry Frohnhofen.
  14. House where Mr. Biehl left from to Wash. County/Ohio1.
  15. In Selchenbach.
  16. In Selchenbach
  17. Vicki, Manfred and wife, Tom, and Jim
  18. Could be Dennweiler
  19. View in Carolina Buertel's birthplace in (Dennweiler)
  20. In Dennweiler Frohnbach
  21. In Dennweiler Frohnbach
  22. Heinrich, Erika, Rita, and Michael in Dennweiler Frohnbach
  23. Entry to Gumbsweiler.
  24. Glan river near Gumbsweiler.
  25. Gumbsweiler meadow by bridge.
  26. Buildings in Gumbsweiler
  27. Abraham Fickesien's Church in Gumbsweiler.
  28. Cemetery in Gumbsweiler. (Rita)
  29. Monument honoring the war victims, in Gumbsweiler.
  30. Restaurant, where we had a rest.
  31. Fun railroad in the Glan valley.
  32. Buborn from above.
  33. At the cemetery in Buborn.