Dr. Engelís primary research interests are in the area of integrated circuit design.He has worked on a wide variety of projects.These include fluid level monitoring, remote monitoring of mice, digital hearing aids, and portable medical devices .


This work is carried out in the VLSI Design Research Laboratory.The lab is well equipped with five workstations, a large flatbed HP plotter, and a wide variety of test equipment including a modest setup for probing micro-chips.Cadence EDA tools are used extensively in all of Dr. Engelís research.


Dr. Engel has four active research projects:


*  Development of a Pulse Shape Discrimination (PSD) IC

*  Development of an Improved ASIC for use with Si Strip Detectors (HINP)

*  Development of Globally Asynchronous Locally Synchronous (GALS) Design Strategies

*  Development of ASIC for a Brain Computer Interface (BCI)


The GALS project was so successful that it has spawned a St. Louis based startup company.

This project was highlighted in the SIUE 2010 Tech Expo.


Dr. Engel works closely with the Nuclear Reactions Group at Washington University and is also a member of the engineering schoolís robotics research group.


Dr. Engel and his graduate students have designed several integrated circuits have been successfully fabricated through MOSIS.Dr. Engel works with many students on masterís projects.Many of these projects deal with the development of FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate arrays.


Dr. Engel and his graduate students will present a poster at the SORMA 2010 conference (University of Michigan) in May 2010 and will make a presentation at the CAARI 2010 conference (Forth Worth, TX) in August 2010.Click here to download the powerpoint presentation presented at the conference.