Dr. Engel has been collaborating with researchers in the Department of Chemistry at Washington University in Saint Louis on the development of a multi-channel integrated circuit for use in Heavy-Ion low and medium energy Nuclear Physics (HINP) experiments.  Click on one of the links below to learn more.


ricebu1            Performance predictions for HINP16C (Rev. 3). 

                    HINP16C (Rev. 3) is scheduled for fabrication on Oct. 8, 2007.


ricebu1            Bonding diagram for HINP16C (Rev. 3)


ricebu1            Pin out for HINP16C (Rev. 3)


ricebu1            Complete set of schematics for HINP16C Rev. 3. 


ricebu1            Preliminary paper (to be submitted to NIM) describing HINP16 design and performance.


ricebu1            Link to workshop held at MSU.


ricebu1            HINP32C presentation (PPT)


ricebu1            Documentation for HINP16C (PDF) 


ricebu1            A pretty poster (MSWord document) describing HINP chip!!!


ricebu1            Muthukumar's Master Thesis describing  (rev. 1) HINP16C IC (pdf)


ricebu1            **** Complete set of schematics for HINP16C IC  (rev 2) (pdf) ****