Dr. Engel has been collaborating with researchers in the Department of Chemistry at Washington University in Saint Louis on the development of a multi-channel integrated circuit for use in Heavy-Ion low and medium energy Nuclear Physics (HINP) experiments.  Click on one of the links below to learn more.


NEW (October 3, 2007)


*              Performance predictions for HINP16C (Rev. 3). 

                        HINP16C (Rev. 3) is scheduled for fabrication on Oct. 8, 2007.


*              Bonding diagram for HINP16C (Rev. 3)


*              Pin out for HINP16C (Rev. 3)


*              Complete set of schematics for HINP16C Rev. 3. 




*              Preliminary paper (to be submitted to NIM) describing HINP16 design and performance.


*              Link to workshop held at MSU.


*              HINP32C presentation (PPT)


*              Documentation for HINP16C (PDF) 


*              A pretty poster (MSWord document) describing HINP chip!!!


*              Muthukumar's Master Thesis describing  (rev. 1) HINP16C IC (pdf)


*              **** Complete set of schematics for HINP16C IC  (rev 2) (pdf) ****