Dr. Engel conducts research in the area of Globally Asynchronous Locally Synchronous (GALS) design methodologies for ultra large scale integrated circuits.   Dr. Engel collaborates with a local company,  Blendics Inc.


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                  Thesis work of Sam Dunham (August 2014)


*                   Data Synchronizer Performance in the Presence of Parameter Variability  by Sam Dunham


*                   Powerpoint presentation given by Sam Dunham at thesis defense



                  This work was carried out under NSF STTR Phase I I-B  (Grant #0924010)

                  “Blended Clocked and Clockless Integrated Circuit Systems”




*                   Hu Wang Thesis on the design of a restartable clock for use in GALS SoCs


*                   Powerpoint presentation given by Hu Wang at thesis defense


                  This work funded by NSF STTR Grant #0741055





*                   Powerpoint presentation design describing design of QVCO.





*                   Masters report describing design of earlier version of the clock generator.


*                   Poster describing clock generator.


*                   Picture of test chip that we fabricated and are currently testing.


*                   Report to MOSIS on results of testing IC.






*                   Masters report describing design of interlock.


*                   Master’s report describing control modules used in our GALS design methodology.


*                   Master’s report describing how to measure metastability.