DigitalHearing Aids


Dr. Engelís doctoral dissertation was in the area of custom integrated circuits for use in digital hearing aids.He is still very interested in the development of low-voltage, low-power signal processing systems for voice applications.



*†††††† Read brief report (pdf)


*†††††† View first page of related patent (pdf)


*†††††† Read paper on logarithmic signal processor (pdf)


*†††††† Read paper on logarithmic quantizers (pdf)


*†††††† Read paper on improved logarithmic quantizer (pdf)


*†††††† View paper on SNR characteristics (pdf)


*†††††† Files needed to simulate LMA (Logarithmic Multiplier Accumulator) : simLMA.c and PLATABLE11


*†††††† Verilog description of LMA: lma.v, lma1.v, adder10.v, left.v, lut.v, pov.v, tovuf.v, adder.v, adder8.v