FOTAD Merit Award Application
Fill In The Necessary Information,
Hit Submit Button By Jan. 31, 2014

Make sure to email a current unofficial transcript to
Kate Slovinski ( by the above date

First Name

Last Name

Current Address

Home Address (if different)

E-mail address

Area of specialization (performance, dance, design/technical theater, theater education, or Lit-Hist-Crit)

Classification (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior)

First semester and year(s) attended SIUE

If a transfer student, list other institutions attended

Total number of hours completed at end of Fall Semester

Cumulative GPA at end of Fall Semester

Academic Advisor


Checklist of Items Included:

__ Letter of Application (e-mailed to
__ Résumé (e-mailed to
__ Digital photo (can be cel phone photo) e-mailed to
__ Portfolio (Tech Theater applicants compile and show at interview with FOTAD awards committee)
__ Theater Education teaching portfolio
__ Position Paper (A copy handed in by Jan. 31, 2014, and to be presented orally at the Lit-Hist-Crit session)
__ Current unofficial transcript (obtained through SIUE emailed to
__ Faculty recommendation (signed and sealed and emailed to

I have read and understand the above checklist


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