Edward Navarre

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Dr. Edward Navarre
Department of Chemistry, Box 1652
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Edwardsville, IL 62026


tel. 618.650.2076
fax. 618.650.3556

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Group Members

Sunny Winker

Olivia Daube

Sydney Wellen

Former Members

Wesley Lebegue - B.S. Chemistry 2017 - worked on modifiers for chromium for the ETA

Kevin Hummel - B.S. Chemistry 2017 - worked on chromium method development with multiple atomization rates

Morgan DeWall - B.S. Chemistry 2017 - worked on nickel modifier methods for the ETA

Marwah Abdulateef - M.S. 2016 - worked on manganese method development for the ETA

Bobby Douglas - B.S. Chemistry 2016 - worked on nickel and chromium methods for the ETA

Stephen Kukielski - B.S. Chemistry 2016 - worked on high-speed atomization methods of cadmium

Thomas Blanchard - M.S. 2015 - worked on the "return of the pulsed plasma" project

Andrew Beach - M.S. 2015 - worked on the "return of the pulsed plasma" project

Aryashree Poudyal - M.S. 2015 - worked on copper pyrolysis chemistry on the ETA

Reema Shakya - M.S. 2014 - worked on ETAAS simultaneous copper and zinc detection methods

Leah Douglas - M.S. 2014 - worked on chemical modifiers and pyrolysis chemistry for lead analysis on the ETA

Harriett Oppong - M.S. - 2014 worked on power delivery modes of the ETA for nickel analysis

Aldo Flores-Castro - B.S. Chemistry 2014 - worked on cadmium chemical modifiers for the ETA

Rachel Kurzeja - B.S. Chemistry 2014 - worked on cadmium quantitation methods for the ETA

Robert Mackin B.S. Chemistry 2013 - URCA assistant worked on chemometric models for identifying pottery sherds by IR microscopy

Paige Wallace - M.S. 2013 - worked on power delivery modes of the ETA for lead analysis, and temperature measurement

Derek Poci - M.S. 2012 - worked on understanding interferences of lead analysis using a prototype power supply on the WETA

Sean Hudson - M.S. 2012 - worked with matrix interferences in nickel analysis for the tungsten electrothermal atomizer

Jacob Heacock - B.S. Chemistry 2012 - worked on identifying matrix modifiers for cadmium analysis on the WETA.

Amanda Osterhage - B.A. Chemistry 2011 - URCA assistant worked on paint digestion methods

Bryan Lada - volunteer researcher (Summer 2011) from Missouri Baptist University worked on solvent matrix bias in lead calibration and analysis of real, field samples

Chris Edmiston - URCA assistant (Spring 2010) from Electrical Engineering built a new, intelligent power supply for the electrothermal atomizer. As a Masters student Chris worked on version 2 of the power supply

Bright (L. K. Bright) - M.S. 2010 - Developed a method for room-temperature digestion of paints for atomic absorption/emission analysis including the electrothermal atomizer

Adam Grandidier - B.S. Chemistry 2010 - worked on the computational model of the theta-pinch discharge

Carrie McNeal (Fall 2009) - URCA assistant who worked on the tungsten ETA as a tool for art conservation

Lance Spinnie (Spring 2009) - programming for an improved electromagnetic model for pulsed discharges and various good advice

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