Edward Navarre

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Dr. Edward Navarre
Department of Chemistry, Box 1652
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Edwardsville, IL 62026


tel. 618.650.2076
fax. 618.650.3556

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Current classes

Forensic Chemistry (CHEM 432)

Instrumental Analysis laboratory (CHEM 435)

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Current research

The research in this laboratory focuses on atomic spectroscopy and developing new, portable instrumentation. Presently, there are projects starting up in direct solid sampling elemental analysis and electrothermal atomization for atomic absorption spectrometry. We make our own instruments, so if you like to see what "makes it all work" you could have fun working in this group.

Version 2 of the tungsten electrothermal atomizer is complete and is being used in our laboratory. Again, thanks to our collaborator Dr. Noble (dept. of ECE).

A second complete system will be up and running shortly. This one will utilize the HR-640 monochromator and offer much higher speed detection. With a high-speed detector thermodynamic experiments will be possible.

Testing of chemical modifiers designed to improve the ETA performance is underway. Some improvements with nickel, cadmium and lead analysis have been demonstrated.

Currently, we are finishing construction of the pulsed plasma system. The capacitors, power supply, and supporting circuit passives have been delivered. The support frame for the discharge apparatus is constructed and the machining of custom parts is complete. Testing of the system has begun (up to 14 kV, so far).

Latest news

Stephen Kukielski was a recipient of a Bouman Memorial Research Scholar Award at the 2016 Probst Lecture.

Master's candidate Paige Wallace is a co-author on an article in Spectroscopy Letters.

Former students Amanda Osterhage, Bryan Lada, and L. K. Bright are authors on an article in Analytical Methods.

Thanks to the SIUE College of Arts and Sciences for helping us to get the new spectrograph.

The ETA system was recently featured in the St. Louis Post Dispatch Health Section. We are grateful for the publicity.

Chris Edmiston and Brad Noble have delivered a feature-complete first-generation ETA power supply. Wow, is it nice!

New funding from the Vaughnie Lindsay New Investigator Award will move the ETA project through its preliminary stages.

We are very pleased to have had Gary Hieftje present the 2010 Probst Lecture.

Carrie McNeal has made the first measurement on the ETA system.

Thanks to Dr. Brad Noble (SIUE Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering) for introducing us to the Programmable System-on-Chip.

Thanks to the SIAM Center for offering us time on their CNC mill.

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