ENG208.001 Topics in Early British Literaure: Into The Wild

Fall 2012


DUE: FRIDAY, Dec. 14th by 5:00 pm

*Essay MUST be EMAILED, as a WORD document [saved as YOURLASTNAME_208FINAL, with a .doc or .docx extension], to: eileenajoy@gmail.com no later than 5:00 pm on Friday, Dec. 14th.

Figure 1. from Tim Flach, More Than Human (Abrams, 2012)

Part I: The Only Part

Please write a 2-page paper (double-spaced and typed) in which you ruminate/muse/think out loud about what you feel this course has been about and what you feel you may have learned over the course of the semester in this class, and also explain what you feel you have accomplished as a student in the class. You will have all previous papers back before this assignment is due, so if you want to expound a little bit on what you feel your grade should be, taking into account the Mid-Term, the Short Essay, and your participation in class, please feel free to do so, BUT: don't assume that when I ask you to think about what you may have "accomplished" in this class that I am talking about grades, or only written work.

This Essay is due to the Instructor, typed and double-spaced, by EMAIL: eileenajoy@gmail.com. See further instructions above.