ENG200.002 -- Introduction to Literary Study

Prof. Eileen Joy

Spring 2010

SHORT PAPER #5: The Ghazal

Your fifth short paper is a creative writing assignment, in which you will write a ghazal [pronounced "ghuzzle"--where the "g" is partially silent], a venerable genre of poetry originating in the medieval Arabic (Persian) tradition. Although the form, in its original tradition, can be quite complex, for the purposes of this assignment, use the following minimal benchmarks as your guidelines (but please feel free to innovate: that is the true mark of an artist, where form provides a foundation for creative adaptation):

You might want to look at some ghazals written by well-known poets:

Agha Shahid Ali, "Even the Rain"

Heather McHugh, "Ghazal of the Better-Unbegun"

Peter Cole, "The Ghazal of What Hurt"

Patricia Smith, "Hip-Hop Ghazal"