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Welcome to Intermediate Mechanics!

Phys321 Fall 2011

Professor Contact Information

Edward Ackad or Eddie
Office: SL 2319
Phone: (618) 650-2390
email: eackad@siue.edu (please see syllabus)

Course Documents

Syllabus (Please read)
Assignment 1 (Due Aug 29th)
Assignment 2 (Due Sept 1st)
Assignment 3 (Due Sept 7st)
Assignment 4 (Due Sept 21st)
Assignment 5 (Due Sept 28st)
Assignment 6 (First 6 questions due Oct 3rd, Rest due Oct 5th)
Assignment 7 (First 5 questions due Oct 10th, Rest due Oct 12th)
Assignment 8 (due Oct 18th)
Assignment 9 (due Oct 27th)
Assignment 10 (due Nov 2nd)
Assignment 11 (due Nov 9nd)
Assignment 12 (due Nov 15th)
Assignment 13 (due Nov 28th)
Assignment 14 (due Dec 4th)

Course Links

Visual Python
My Demo Code

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Written by:  Edward Ackad (eackad@siue.edu)
Revised:  2011 Aug 15