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Edward Ackad, Ph.D

Edward Ackad

Computational Nanophotonics/Biophysics

Contact Information

Office: SL 2319
Phone: (618) 650-2390
email: eackad@siue.edu


  • Laser-Cluster Interactions at short wavelengths (x-rays)
    (Movie of an Argon cluster in a 13nm ultra- Intense/Short pulse where the electrons are in white and the ions range from blue for neutral and become increasingly red as they ionize)
  • High Harmonic generation in clusters
  • Nanomachining with IR beyond the diffraction limit
  • Dynamical basis for drug resistance in Hepatitis C virus (catalytic triad movie) (protease with the drug movie)
                                           HCV NS3 protease

Courses Regularly Taught

  • Intermediate Mechanics: Phys 321
  • University Physics I: Phys 151
  • University Physics I Lab: Phys 151L
  • Conceptual Physics: Phys 111
  • Conceptual Physics Lab: Phys 112
  • Principles of Quantum Mechanics: Phys 416


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Written by:  Edward Ackad (eackad@siue.edu)
Based on Roger Hill's page
Revised:  2014 Aug 12