Requirements For Science Teacher Certification
Through the
Secondary Education Biology Program
  If you are at SIUE and decide you want to be a biology teacher, please declare your major as soon as possible to avoid advising problems as the sophomore, junior and senior years are somewhat fixed and some courses are only offered once a year and have prerequisites.
If you are at a junior college and plan to come to SIUE to go into the Biology Certification program, you are welcomed to call me at 650-2453 to ask about courses to take at the junior college.
Department, Number & Course Name Prerequisites Credits 
BIOL 120    ANIMAL SYSTEMS Chemistry 121a 125a 4 hours
BIOL 121    PLANT SYSTEMS Chemistry 121b125b 4 hours   
BIOL 220    GENETICS Biology 120,121 with C
4 hours  
BIOL 319    Cell And Molecular Biology
Chemistry 241a Concurrently
4 hours   
BIOL 340    ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY Biology121,121,220,319
4 hours
BIOL 327    EVOLUTION Biol 120,121, 220 3 hours 
BIOL 4XX   4 hr. Elective With Lab Variable prerequisites, often 120,121,220& 319 4 hours
BIOL 365    Ecology (HAS A LAB) Biol 120,121  4 hours
BIOL 494 METHODS SECONDARY BIOLOGY Consent of Instructor (Dr.AbuSharbain) ususally only in the fall.
3 hours
BIOL 497 SENIOR ASSIGNMENT (No Poster, but must take ETS exam)   Senior Standing - Taken when student teaching
2 hours

Total Biology Credits Required

36 total


CHEM 121 a and b  "Inorganic Chemistry"  4 hrs each 8 hrs
CHEM 125 a and b  "Inorganic Chemistry Lab" 2 hrs
CHEM 241 a and b  "Organic Chemistry" 3 hrs each 6 hrs
CHEM 245 "Organic Chemistry Lab" 2 hours   

Total Chemistry Hours

18 total

Other Science & Math

Physics 206 a, b  Or  (Phys 211/212 a, b), "College Physics"

10 hours
Geography 210 "Physical Geography". This course is a geology/physical science course, not a social science geography course.
3 hours
Physics 356 "Astronomy"   [ LCCC is PHSC 141, SWIC -ATY101 ]
3 hours
Statistics 244 "Statistics" is recommended in place of Stat 107
4 hours
Science 451 "Integrated Science" (Spring and sometimes summer course)
3 hours
Math 125 "College Algebra" 3 hours

Total Other Science and Math

26 total

Remember to take the ICTS "Basic Skills Test"(  It is required that you take this test and pass it and pass CI 200 before you can take any of the Professional Education courses such as EPFR 315, EPFR 320, Special Ed SPE 400, CI 440 and CI 315 a,b and CI 352b.  This basic skills test is not a requirement for the CI 200 course.   Anyone can sign up for the CI 200 course.

Professional Education Requirements
OCECA has a good website with more information.

Curriculum and Instruction 200, "Introduction to Education" 2 credits, Can be taken at SWIC or L&C colleges, CI 200 is prerequisite to the rest of the courses on this table below.
EPFR 315 "Educational Psychology" 3 hours
EPFR 320
"Foundations/Multicultural Education" 
3 hours, Concurrent enrollment with Ed 381 required.
SPE 400 "Special Education"
"Exceptional Child"
3 hours
Curriculum & Instruction 315a
"Observation at the School"
2 hours.  This requires observation out in a school, should be done during semester prior to student teaching and must be done before student teaching.
Curriculum &Instruction  440
"Teaching Reading"
 3 hours
You have to have passed the ICTS "Science: Biology 105 Content" test prior to student teaching! You have to have passed the ICTS "Science:Biology 105 Content" test prior to student teaching!
Curriculum &Instruction  315b Student Teaching semester, 2 hours
Curriculum &Instruction 352B Student Teaching Semester, 10 hours
If you want to teach 6,7 or 8th grade, you have to also take CI 407 and EPFR 305
Two extra classes for Middle School endorsement

Total School of  Education Hours  28 hrs

Note:  For those wishing to teach at the middle school level (6th,7th, & 8th), two additional courses are required.  Education 405 "The Middle School Learner" and Curriculum & Instruction 407 (C&I 407) "The Middle and Junior High School". There are graduate sections of this course for inservice teachers and graduate certification students. These courses are usually offered spring, fall and summer.

SIUE requires all students seeking a Bachelor's degree to take an Interdisciplinary Studies (IS) course.  IS 324, 326, 336, 340, 353, 363, 364, 377, 400) satisfies the IS requirement as well as the II or IC requirement of the university)

General Education requirements constitute 48-50 hours
Total Hours to graduate 135
Transfer students - Thirty hours must be completed at SIUE.  If you are taking courses for certification only and already have a B.S. degree, the hours requirement is not applicable.

A 2.5 GPA is required for Biology major; A 2.5 is required to student teach (CI 352). A 2.5 is required for entry into Biol 494 (Sec Ed Methods Biology)

SWIC courses that transfer to SIUE

Soutwestern Illinois College (SWIC) in Belleville IL
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville 
Biology 101 Biology I Biology 120
Biology 102 Biology I Biology 120
Biology 151 Botany Biology 121
Biology 155 Anatomy and Physiology Biology 240A
Biology 156 Anatomy and Physiology Biology 240B
Biology 250 Bacteriology Biology 250 (not needed for secondary certification)
Biology 270 Genetics Biology 220 
Chemistry 105 Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry 121a with lab Chemistry 125a
Chemistry 106 Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry 121b/125b
Chemistry 201 Organic Chemistry Chemistry 241a
Chemistry 202 Organic Chemistry Chemistry 241b with lab 245
Physics 151 and 152  College Physics Physics 206a and b "College Physics"
ATY 101 Astronomy
Physics 356 - Astronomy
Education 255 American Public Education (SWIC)
Curriculum & Instruction 200

Lewis & Clark course that transfers to SIUE. Their course schedules are online at

LCCC  near Alton Godfrey Illinois
Education 321    Curriculum & Instruction 200
PHSC 141 Astronomy
Physics 356 - Astronomy

Please note that sixty hours must be completed at SIUE for those who are transfer students. Those interested in certification only, 60 hrs doesn't apply.

Please send your comments to me at:

or Call at 650-2453
If you have already have degree and are interested in our program, 
you can send a copy of transcript.

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