This degree and certification allows you to teach anything in science
except AP courses outside your major.
You will teach AP Biology.
Fall Year 1 
Chemistry 121a — General Chemistry 4 
Chem 125a — General Chemistry Lab 1
Math 120 College Algebra 3
English 101 Composition 3
Philosophy 106 Critical Thinking 3
Spring Year 1 

Biology 121 —Plant System 4 hrs (has a lab)
English 102 Composition
Chemistry 121b General Chemistry**
Chemistry 125b General Chemisty Lab

Fall Year 2
Chemistry 241a — Organic Chemistry, 3 hrs (no lab for this one)
Speech 103 Speech Comm (IGR - Intergroup relations)
Psychology 111 Introduction (Intro SS)
Biology 120 —Animal
Systems 4 hrs (has a lab)
Spring Year 2 
Chemistry 241b Organic Chemistry - 3hrs 
Chemistry 245 Organic Chemistry Lab - 2hrs
Stat 107 or CS 108 or MIS 108 (STAT 244 preferred)
Biology 220 Genetics - 4 hrs (has a lab)
CI 200 Introduction to Education (2 hrs)  This course is prerequistie to the other education 
courses specifically: EPFR 315 and 320 and SPE400 and CI 440, CI 315a,CI 315b, CI 352b.
Geography 210 - Physical Geography 3 hrs
Take the ICTS "Basic
Skills Test (096) "( after the sophomore year
Fall Year 3 
Physics 206a***(algebra based) or 211a/212a (Calculus based) 5 hrs

Physics 356 Astronomy 3 hrs
Biology 319 Cell and Molecular Biology 4 hrs (has a lab)
Fine Art & Humanity INTRO
IS (Interdisciplinary Studies) 324 or 326 (with II or IC) 3 hrs
Spring Year 3
(Fill out Schools Observation (CI 315a) application early
in this semester for next semester, GPA will be checked to be above 2.5)

Physics 206b**(algebra based)  or 211b/212b (Calculus based) 5 hrs
Biology 327 Evolution 3 hrs (no lab)  

Biology 340 Animal Physiology 4 hrs, has a lab
DIST  Fine Art & Humanity P. 56 Catalog
SPE 400 Exceptional Child 3 hrs
Fall Year 4

Fill out Student Teaching application [for CI 352b and CI 315b) early
 in this semester for next semester, GPA will again be checked)

Take the
ICTS "Content Test, Biology 105 "(
It must be passed prior to student teaching.
Biology 494, Secondary Methods (fall only Wednesday (6:00-10:00))
Biology 365, Ecology 4 hrs (has a lab)
EPFR 320 Foundations of Education/ Ed in Multicultural Society 3 hrs
EPFR 315 Educational Psychology 3 hrs
CI 315a Methods Secondary Schools 2 hrs (Observation at schools) 2 hrs
Biology Elective -400 level lab (4 hrs) with a lab
Spring Year 4 — At the School
CI 352 Student Teaching - 10 hrs
CI 315b Methods —Tchg. in Sec Schools - 2 hrs
CI 440* Teaching Reading - Sec Schools (can be
earlier with permission) 3 hrs
Take the ICTS "Assessment of Professional Teaching","( 
It must be passed prior to gaining the certificate.

* CI 440 can be taken prior to student teaching with permission of your secondary education and major advisers.

** CHEM 120b and 124b cannot be substituted for CHEM 241a,b & 245

*** Math 150 and Physics 111 cannot be substituted for Physics 206a,b any longer

Interdisciplinary Studies: Take an IS course that also meets the International Issues or International Culture requirement.

Application for Major:
        1  Completed all academic development courses required by the University.
        2  Completed any required courses to address high school deficiencies.
        3  A cumulative grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale on all work.

In order to be admitted in to the teacher certification program (through OCECA) students must:
    1  Complete 43 semester hours of course credit and have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher (this includes work at other institutions);

    2  Pass the Basic Skills test (096) "(

    4 Successfully complete the introductory course Curriculum and Instruction 200.

For further information concerning the biology requirements contact Dr. Elaine AbuSharbain oScience Building 3319 (third floor) or at 618- 650-2453 or
r Dr. Kelly Barry Science Building (third floor) Room 3326 or phone at 650-5245 or email at

For additional information concerning teacher certification, consult Pam Fetters and Elaine Ferrar at the OCECA Office at 618 650-3940. You will have one of these as your OCECA advisor during the latter part of your program.  Only they can allow you to take CI 440, SPE 400, EPFR 315 and 320, CI 315A, B and CI 352B.

 Updated Oct 31, 2007