Curriculum for Graduate Program Options

for Inservice Biology Teachers and others

1)  M.S. Education, Major: Secondary Education  with a focus in Biology:
aka:  MS ED

***Must have obtained certification prior to acceptance in this program.

General Professional Core (9 hours):

            EDUC 501 – 3Research Methods in Education
            EDUC 515 –3Advanced Education Psychology
            EDFD 506a – 3 or 506b – 3 Analysis of Educational Issues (a – Philosophic-historic
                        perspective, b – Socio-cultural perspective)
Secondary Education (12 hours):
            CI 510 – 3 The Analysis of Instruction
            9 elective hours

Biology (15 hours):
            These hours are determined in consultation with the biology advisor.  The student must complete at
            least 42 semester hours in biology (undergraduate and graduate combined). 

2) M.S. Biology: aka MS BIOL

Requires BS in Biology or other close content area, GRE > 1060, 2 letters of recommendation and acceptance by a biology faculty member and a review by the graduate committee of the biology dept. and acceptance by the SIUE Graduate school.
Thesis Plan

Required courses:
            BIOL 595 – 2 hrs.  Topics in Cellular or Molecular Biology or
BIOL 596 – 2 hrs.  Topics in Organismic Biology
                            (taken at least twice or in combination with two different faculty members)
            Up to 25 hours in electives.
            BIOL 599 – 1 to 6 hours.  "Research and Thesis"

Non-Thesis Plan

Required courses:
           BIOL 595 – 2 Topics in Cellular or Molecular Biology or 
           BIOL 596 – 2 Topics in Organismic Biology
                            (taken at least twice or in combination with two different faculty members)

            20 to 24 hours of electives.
Research Paper:
            BIOL 591 – 1 to 4 hrs.  Readings in Biology
BIOL 593 – 1 to 4 hrs.  Special Problems in Biology(at least 4, but no more than 8 hours)

3)  M.S. Environmental Science, Track Environmental Education:

Core Courses:
            ENSC 505 – 1 hr  Environmental Sciences Seminar I

            ENSC 506 – 1 hr   Environmental Sciences Seminar II
            ENSC 510 – 3 hrs  Advanced Environmental Sciences and Policy
            400 or 500 level statistics course

Thesis/ Final Research Paper:
            ENSC 599 – 1 to 6 hrs Research and Thesis      OR        ENVS 597   (NONTHESIS)  – 1 to 3 hrs   Final Research Paper
Emphasis Courses:
            ENSC 520 – 3  hrs Environmental Policy  [ENSC 528/528L (Analysis of Environmental Contaminants) can be substituted]
            ENSC 550 – 3  hrs  Environmental Impact Analysis
            ENSC 580 – 3  hrs  Environmental Education
            9 hours minimum

Education Courses below are required for secondary Certification -
Those in pararentheses can be substituted for graduate credit and may sometimes be taken as electives in the above programs.
Refer to your advisor.

COURSE # & credits                                              NAME                                                             _________
CI 200 – 2 hrs                                                             Introduction to Education
CI 315a – 2 hrs                                                           Methods/ Secondary Schools
EPFR 315/(515) hrs                                                   Educational Psychology
EPFR 320/(520) hrs                                                   Analysis of Educational Issues: Philosophical-Historical                                               
(SPE 400) – 3 hrs                                                       The Exceptional Child
CI 315b – 2 hrs                                                            Methods for Teaching in Sec Schools
CI 352 – 10 hrs                                                           Student Teaching
CI 440 – 3 (CI 540) hrs                                              Teaching Reading in the Secondary Schools

This page is meant as a clarification and comparison of the above programs only.

For further detailed information consult the SIUE graduate catalog

Updated March 2008