Scholarly Writings and Presentations
Dave S. Knowlton

You can check out my vita for a full list of publications and research presentations.  You will see that the areas that I publish in are quite broad.  The common theme that ties most of my publications together, however, is the idea of promoting learning through planned interventions.  Below, I include a few links to my articles that can be found online.

Knowlton, D. S. (2011, October).  Towards a framework for ego-involved assessments in the higher education classroom.  Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Mid-Western Educational Research Association Conference, St. Louis, Missouri.

Knowlton, D. S. (2009, October). Finding our souls through a radical classroom milieu: Professor explications and students’ reactions.  Presentation at the Academy of Educational Studies’ Critical Questions in Education Conference, St. Louis, Missouri.

Knowlton, D. S. (2008, April). If it ain’t about learnin’, I dunno what we’re doin’ here!  Paper presented at the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville’s College of Arts and Sciences Spring Colloquium. 

Knowlton, D. S. (2007). I design; therefore I research:  Revealing DBR through personal narrative.  Educational Technology & Society, 10(4), 209-223

Knowlton, D. S. (2007). An andragogical approach for reducing cognitive load within aural theory tasks.  Visions of Research in Music Education, 9/10, 1-17

Knowlton, D. S. (2006).  Rapid prototyping as method for developing instructional strategies for supporting computer-mediated communication among university students.  The Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning, 6(1), 75-87.

Sharp, D. C., Weiss, R. E., & Knowlton, D. S. (2003).  Applying generative learning strategies in the Survey of International Economics course.  Social Science Research Network Electronic Library


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