Grading Standards

Written Work

The Living Environment --- BIOL111

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A-level work
(1) Responds fully to what the assignment asks; (2) Presents a manifest topic statement containing the issue to be analyzed and the position to be taken; (3) Exercises critical thinking that is clear, logical (coherent & relevant), deep, broad, and discriminating; (4) Expresses its purpose clearly and persuasively; (5) Invokes and uses disciplinary facts correctly; (6) Provides adequate supporting arguments with reasons, evidence, and examples; (7) Is focused, well organized, and unified; (8) Uses direct language that is appropriate for the audience; (9) Invokes discerning sources when appropriate; (10) Correctly documents and cites sources; (11) Is free of errors in grammar, punctuation, word choice, spelling, and format; and (12) Displays originality and creativity in realizing items (1) through (9) above.
B-level work
Realizes high quality in (1) through (11) fully and completely --- but does not reveal originality or creativity.
C-level work
Realizes adequacy in (1) through (11) and demonstrates overall competence --- but contains a few relatively minor errors or flaws. A "C" paper may show great creativity and originality, but those qualities don't compensate for poor or careless writing. A "C" paper is adequate in all regards but could use polish and usually looks and reads like a next-to-final draft.
D-level work
Fails to realize some elements of (1) through (11) adequately and contains several relatively serious errors or flaws or many minor ones. A "D" paper is less than adequate for public presentation and often looks and reads like a first or second draft.
F-level work
Fails to realize several elements of (1) through (11) adequately andcontains many serious errors or flaws as well as many minor ones. An "F" paper usually contains fatal errors of thought or execution and usually looks and reads like private writing.