product_user_profile.htm; updated 5/20/2013




This describes the steps used to build user profiles with Oracle on LINUX.  Running this script is required for SQL*Plus.  It installs the SQL*Plus PRODUCT_USER_PROFILE tables.  These tables allow SQL*Plus to disable commands by user. 


The tables are used only by SQL*Plus and do not affect other client tools that access the database.  Refer to the SQL*Plus manual for table usage information.  This script should be run on every database to which SQL*Plus connects, even if the tables are not used to restrict commands.


The pupbld.sql file is located in the $ORACLE_HOME/sqlplus/admin directory.  Note that this location is different than the location for the catalog.sql and catproc.sql script files.  You can run the file while connected as the user sys as sysdba.


1. Login to your database. 

2.  Connect to SQL*Plus as the SYSTEM user.  If you do not know the SYSTEM user password, then connect as the SYS user.


If you do not know the SYSTEM user password, use these steps to set a new password.



SQL> alter user SYSTEM identified by new_password;

User altered.


Execute these commands to connect as the SYSTEM user and run the script.

Note: The at-sign (@) is shorthand for the command that runs a SQL*Plus script and can be used in place of the start command. The question mark (?) is a SQL*Plus variable indicating the Oracle home directory SQL>


Connect SYSTEM/<system password>

SQL> @?/sqlplus/admin/pupbld.sql


You will see several output lines appear.  The script is short and runs quickly.



End of notes.