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1) Cellular respiration

                          Cellular Respiration  animation


                          Electron transport chain:




                          Electron transport chain animation


                 2) Transport across membranes




                                  Active Transport (e.g., Sodium/potassium pump):



                                  Endocytosis & exocytosis:







3)  Nervous System


             Resting potential



                          Na+/ K+ pump, action potential




                          Sodium potassium pump



             Chemical synapse



             Action potential






                          Action potential: myelnated vs nonmyelinated axons





             Additional nervous system animations in Powerpoint: click here

             (play the animations in “slide show” mode)



4) Muscular system


           Basic animation “stick figure style”:


Sliding filament theory, in detail :


           Actin, myosin, tropomysoin etc 3D:






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