Graduate Research Assistantships Available


Graduate Research Assistantships in Conservation Genetics/Population Genetics

I currently have two positions open for a graduate research assistantship dealing with environmental toxicology. 


One project examines conservation genetics and physiological responses to pollution, in endangered frogs and tortoises.  This project will involve using population genetic techniques as a tool for assessing the effects of habitat disturbance and fragmentation in endangered gopher frogs and gopher tortoises on an army and an air force base.  This project will also involve examination of physiological responses (biomarkers including DNA damage and oxidative stress) of these frogs and tortoises to pollutants on these air force bases.


I will have a graduate research assistant stipend available for a student to work on this project for 1 year, with a possibility to extend this project for another 3 years.


Graduate Research Assistantships in Environmental Toxicology

The other project will involve examination of toxicity of metal oxide nanoparticles to fish.  Nanoparticles are a new technology, and are very fine particles that are less than 0.1 microns in diameter.  They may be composed of various substances, such as ceramics, metals, and metal oxides.  Metal oxide nanoparticles are used for a variety of purposes, including chemical catalysis, UV protection, and antimicrobial activities.  Thus they have the potential for widespread application and subsequent release into the environment, but nobody knows is they will be harmful to aquatic organisms.  Hence, this research project will determine whether iron, zinc, copper, and titanium oxide nanoparticles affect survival, growth, and development of fish.  There is also the possibility for work on biochemical and molecular biomarkers (DNA damage, oxidative stress, histopathology) and genomic effects of these particles in fish.


I will have a graduate research assistant stipend available for a student to work on this project for 3 years.


Both of these projects will begin in late winter or early spring of 2006, with the start date contingent on the date of receipt of research grant monies.  









Biology, Environmental Toxicology, Conservation Genetics, Population Genetics

I currently have positions available for undergraduates to work in my laboratory on the above projects.  Duties will include care of aquarium fish, and assistance with toxicity tests, preparing samples and running genetic and biochemical analyses.  Course experience in biology or chemistry and working experience in a laboratory is desirable, but not necessary.  Possibilities exist for senior thesis research.  Preference will be given to applicants that can work 15-20 per week in the academic year and 40 hours per week in the summer.  Wages are $6.00 per hour.  Please send a description of course work, previous work experience, and names and contact information of at least 2 references.

Graduate assistantship, undergraduate and professional technician, and postdoctoral opportunities

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Please send CV and inquiries to me via e-mail.  Also contact the Environmental Sciences Program or the Department of Biological Sciences, as well as the SIUE Graduate School for information on applying.

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