Welcome to Christal Clear Productions!

My name is Christal and I'm currently working on building a web site for my MC327 class at SIUE. For my web site I would like to create an online portfolio to showcase my work. I am interested in this being my topic for my web site because it is something that can help me in the future with clients and possibly getting jobs or internships in the future. From this web site topic I am trying to learn how to create my own web site that will showcase my current and future work well, along with giving me experiences in creating web sites that could benefit me in the future. By choosing an online portfolio for my web site for my topic I am trying to achieve an easier more effective way for clients, family members, and possible employers to view and explore the work that I have done and future work. The reason why I am trying to achieve an easier more effective way to show case my work is because not only will it be more convent for employers to look at and not have to deal with multiple papers or losing flash drives, but it will give me the opportunity to easily share and distribute my work with a large amount of people on the spot.

Here are some of the wide varity of photograpy styles that I offer! If you have questions on certain types of photography please contact me.

Need some ideas for photography? Check out Pinterest for a variety of ideas and helpful hints or check out some of these blogs.

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