Carole Collier Frick
Associate Professor/Graduate Advisor
Department of Historical Studies, SIUE

Ph.D. University of California at Los Angeles (1995) Early Modern European History
Dissertation:  "Dressing a Renaissance City: Economics, Gender and Society in Fifteenth-Century Florence"
M.A. San Diego State University (1987)

Research Areas
fifteenth-century Italy, gender and the family, textiles and the needle-trades, women and work, Renaissance historiography

Courses Taught
History 111B Western Civilization 1815-present (Spring, 2001; Fall, 2001)
History 301 Historical Methods (Spring, 2001)
History 320 The Renaissance in Europe (Fall, 2001)
History 321 Reformation Europe, 1500-1648 
History 400 The History of Utopia in Western Civilization 
History 400 The Economic Development of Europe, 1050-1750
History 401 Historical Research & Writing (Fall, 2001)
History 428/
WST 428
Women and the Family in Early Modern Europe (Spring, 2001)
History 500B Topics in European History (Graduate Seminar): New Directions in Renaissance Historiography) 
History 410, 510 Independent Study (Senior undergraduates, Graduate students)
(I am willing to work with students on a variety of topics, which in the past have included: Lorenzo de' Medici, I1 Magnifico; The Secularization of Renaissance Art; Galileo and the Scientific Revolution)

Publications - Monographs and Book Chapters
"Francesco Barbaro's De re uxoria:  A silvent dialogue for a young medici bride," in Printed Voices:  A Comparative Outlook on Renaissance Dialogue, eds. Jean-François Vallée and Dorothea Heitsch (under consideration by a major university press, fall 2002).

Dressing Renaissance Florence:  Families, fortunes and fine clothing. The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2002.

"The Power of 'Kulturgeschichte'":  Jacob Burckhardt and the Creation of the Italian Renaissance," in Composing Useful Pasts, ed. Edmund Jacobitti, SUNY Press, 2000.

Publications - Journal Articles
"'Io non levato da te i occhi miei':  The Downcast Eyes of the Women of the Upper Class," UCLA Historical Journal, spring, 1990.

"Women Portrayed as the Goddess Flora in Titian and Palma Vecchio:  Social and Cultural Context," Carte Italiane , fall, 1987.

Publications - Book Reviews
"Visions of Renaissance Womanhood," Left History, book review of Artemisia Gentileschi and the Authority of Art, by R. Ward Bissell, (fall, 2002).

"The 'Feminizing Process' in Renaissance Studies," H-NET book review of Feminism & Renaissance Studies, Lorna Hudson, ed., for H-WOMEN, June 2000.

"Gendering the Italian Renaissance," H-NET book review of Women in the Streets, by Samuel K. Cohn, for H-ITALY, June 2000.

"A Gendered Lens on the Renaissance," H-NET book review of Gender and Society in Renaissance Italy, Judith C. Brown and Robert C. davis, eds., for H-WOMEN, December 1998.

Renaissance Quarterly, LI no.3 (autumn 1998) book review of Florence:  A Portrait, by Michael Levey, autumn 1998: 960-61.

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