Advanced German 301
Fall, 2001

Professor: Belinda Carstens-Wickham
Office: Peck Building 2323
Telephone: 650-3548
Office Hours: TR: 9-9:30, 2-2:30 and by appointment
Classroom: PH 2327
Time: TR: 12:30-1:45


Sparks, Kimberley and Vail van Horn. German in Review.Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.
Allerlei zum Lesen
Eds. Herman and Lovette Teichert. D.C. Heath, 1992.

Richter, Hans Peter. Damals war es Friedrich Munich: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, 2001, 45th printing.

Course Description and Objectives

Herzlich willkommen! German 301 emphasizes advanced communication (conversation), composition, reading and the fine points of German grammar. The students will develop their ability to carry on an extended conversation in German by active participation in classroom discussions. Through frequently writing compositions the students will gain confidence in their writing skills and their ability to apply grammatical concepts correctly. They will also begin to learn the rudiments of literary analysis. The students will also read articles from current magazines in German and present oral reports on them.

Course Requirements
1. regular attendance and participation 2. completion of all homework assignments, quizzes, oral reports
3. 3 formal compositions
4. midterm
5. final examination
6. work in Foreign Languages Training Center
Classwork, homework, ;quizzes, oral reports 15%
3 essays 30%
Midterm 15%
Final 20%
Language laborary 25%
If you have any questions or difficulties with the class, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am glad to help you in whatever way possible.
Policies Attendance is requiredSince classwork is very important, missing more than three classes without a compelling excuse such as a medical emergency or death in the family will result in a lower grade. Your grade will be lowered half a grade for each subsequent class missed. If students miss class, they are responsible for finding out what they have missed. Absence is not an excuse for being unprepared. All assignments must be on time. Makeup quizzes and tests will only be allowed in verifiable emergencies. Incompletes are only granted in extreme situations. Unexcused absence from the final exam will result in the grade of for the final exam.
Foreign Language Training Center (FLOC-laboratory - language lab):

Students will receive 3 credit hours (75%) for class and 1 credit hour (25%) for work in the Foreign Language Training Center. Students are therefore required to spend a minimum of two 50-Minute periods per in the Foreign Language Training Center facilities. A maximum of 150 minutes per week can be credited toward this requirement.Time over the 150 minute maximum per week will not be counted toward the grade. No "extra credit" will be given over 1500 minutes per semester.


Tentative Schedule:

Week 1 Aug. 21, 23 time expressions Verfahren
Week 2 Aug. 28,30 prepositions
Week 3 Sept. 4,6 adjective endings Die Rolltreppe
Week 4 Sept. 11, 13 adjective endings
Week 5 Sept. 18, 20 adjective endings Arbeitsmoral
Week 6 Sept. 25, 27 adjective endings Arbeitsmoral
Week 7 Oct. 2, 4 subjunctive I Friedrich
Week 8 Oct. 9, 11 subjunctive II Friedrich
Week 9 Oct. 16, 18 subjunctive II Friedrich
Week 10 Oct. 23, 25 passive Friedrich
Week 11 Oct. 30, Nov. 1 passive Friedrich
Week 12 Nov. 6, 8 carryover Friedrich
Week 13 Nov. 13, 15 special problems Friedrich
Week 14 Nov. 20, 22


Week 15 Nov. 27, 29 special problems Friedrich
Week 16 Dec. 4, 6 review Friedrich


December 12,

Tuesday 12-1:40



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