Intermeidate German 201
Fall, 2001


Professor: Belinda Carstens-Wickham
Office: Peck Building 2323
Telephone: 650-3548
Office Hours: TR: 9-9:30, 2-2:30 and by appointment
Classroom: PH 3302
Time: TR: 9:30-10:45

Herzlich willkommen! This is the first semester of a two-semester sequence of Intermediate German in which students will gain a more advanced knowledge of the German language and the ability to speak, comprehend, read and write the language at the intermediate level. Students will also expand their understanding of the cultures of the German-speaking countries.

Modes of Instruction

In the classroom communicative activities will be emphasized. Students will practice conversing in German.Grammar points will be discussed regularly and the students will complete related oral and written drills and other exercises. Near the end of the semester the instructor will supply additional reading materials.  Students will practice writing skills.

UE Policies on Credit for Class and Lab Attendance

Students will receive 3 credit hours (75%) for class and 1 credit hour (25%) for work in the Foreign Language Training Center (FLOC-laboratory-language lab).Students are required to attend the language lab facilities for 1500 minutes a semester. Therefore, you must spend a minimum of one hundred minutes a week in the lab.You may not make up more than 50 minutes per week.



Rental: Dieter Sevin, Ingrid Sevin and Ingrin Bean, Wie geht's?, 6th ed. Fort Worth: Holt Rinehart and Winston, 2000.

Purchase:Dieter Sevin et. al., Im Sprachlabor und zu Hause: Wie geht's?, 6th ed. Fort Worth: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 2000.

Recommend: Zorach, Cecile, English Grammar for Students of German, Ann Arbor: Olivia and Hill, 1980.

1. 3 Tests 30%
2. Classwork (participation, quizzes, homework, etc 25%
3. Workbook, lab manual, attendance 25
4. Final Examination 20%
If you have any questions or difficulties with the class, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am glad to help you in whatever way possible.

Attendance is of the utmost importance. Much of your learning takes place in the classroom. After three unexcused absences your grade will be lowered a half grade per absence. If you miss class, be responsible and find out what you have missed and be prepared for the next class. All assignments must be on time. Makeups will only be allowed in verifiable emergencies. Incompletes are only granted in extreme situations. Failure to take the Final Examination at the appointed time will result in a grade of "E" for the final exam. All graded exercises must be done by the student without any aid.

Placement and Proficiency Testing

If you have already had one or more years of German, you may take a proficiency test which will place you in the appropriate course. Based on your score, you may earn up to 16 hours of credit. A proficiency exam for a specific course may not be taken more than once.


Tentative Schedule:

On each date, the chapter indicated will be treated in class.Zu Hause homework and laboratory Übungsblätter are due on the days indicated by the professor in class.

Week 1 Aug. 21, 23 Review and Chapter 8
Week 2 Aug. 28,30 Chapter 8
Week 3 Sept. 4,6 Chapter 8
Week 4 Sept. 11, 13

Test I
Chapter 8 and Chapter 9

Week 5 Sept. 18, 20 Chapter 9
Week 6 Sept. 25, 27 Chapter 9
Week 7 Oct. 2, 4 Chapter 9
Week 8 Oct. 9, 11 Chapter 9 and Chapter 10
Week 9 Oct. 16, 18 Chapter 10
Week 10 Oct. 23, 25 Chapter 10
Week 11 Oct. 30, Nov. 1 Chapter 10
Week 12 Nov. 6, 8 Test II
Chapter 10 and Chapter 11
Week 13 Nov. 13, 15 Chapter 11
Week 14 Nov. 20, 22


Week 15 Nov. 27, 29 Chapter 11
Week 16 Dec. 4, 6 Chapter 11 and Ruckblick


December 12,

Thursday, 8am-9:40-11:40



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