FL 111B Introduction to Foreign Language Study: German
Fall, 2000
Professor: Belinda Carstens-Wickham
Office: Peck Building 2327
Telephone: 640-3548
Office Hours: TR: 9-9:30, 2-2:30 and by appointment
Classroom: 2411 Peck Hall
Time: TR: 11-12:15
e-mail: bcarste@siue.edu
Texts: Rentals
  • Ed. Susan Stern.Meet United Germany: Perspectives. Frankfurt a.M.: Frankfurter Allg. Zeitung, 1991. 2 Volumes.
  • Bertolt Brecht. The Threepenny Opera.
  • The Metamorphosis
  • Handouts made available as necessary
Description FL 111 introduces students to important aspects of German studies in American universities today.It provides a general introduction to German history, culture and literature as well as to the major political and social issues in contemporary Germany. Students will compare and contrast German institutions with American ones and learn about Germany's role in the world.The course begins with an introduction to Germany's geography, followed by an introduction to the development of the German language from its Indo-European roots to the language spoken today. In the next section students learn about the founding of Germany, the division of Germany after World War II, reunification, the German economy, and the welfare state. The course ends with discussions of the German educational system, women in Germany today, the arts and government, a brief survey of German literature and a closer study of several important literary works.


At the end of this course students should be familiar with the major issues of German social and political life, as well as with the country's geography, culture and literature.Students should also have an understanding of the roots and evolution of the German language.


Students' Responsibilities

Regular attendance and participation in classroom discussions are of utmost importance After three unexcused absences, the course grade will be lowered a half grade for each class missed.Readings must be completed as scheduled and students must be prepared to discuss and relate them to the lectures and videos presented in class. There will be two tests and a final examination. Each student will also complete a five or more pages typed paper on a topic approved by the instructor. Unexcused absence from the final exam will result in a grade of Efor the final exam.

Final Grade
Test 20%
Test 2 20%
Term paper 25%
Classwork 15%
Final Examination 20%
If you have any questions or difficulties with the class, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am glad to help you in whatever way possible.

Tentative Schedule:

Week 1 Aug. 21, 23 Introduction, geography
Video about Germany
Week 2 Aug. 28,30 Readings, transportation, hotels German contributions to American life
Week 3 Sept. 4,6 Readings, development of family names
History of the German Language
Week 4 Sept. 11, 13

Otto von Bismarck: Founding of Germany, social welfare system
Test I

Week 5 Sept. 18, 20 The Weimar Republic
Weimar Film
Week 6 Sept. 25, 27 Holocaust, video
Analysis, Holocaust and America
Week 7 Oct. 2, 4 Family Experiences
Rise of the New Right
Week 8 Oct. 9, 11 Division of Germany, Airlift, Cold War
Week 9 Oct. 16, 18 Fall of the wall, video
Week 10 Oct. 23, 25 Problems of Unification
Stasi: Secret Police
Week 11 Oct. 30, Nov. 1 Marriage of Maria Braun, film
Week 12 Nov. 6, 8 Marriage of Maria Braun, analysis
Test II
Week 13 Nov. 13, 15 Educational System, Status of Women, the Arts,
Jews in Germany: History and Memory
Week 14 Nov. 20, 22


Week 15 Nov. 27, 29 History of German Literature
Kafka and The Metamorphosis
Week 16 Dec. 4, 6 Brecht and The Threepenny Opera, Review


December 12,

Wednesday, 10-11:40



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