For Fall 2015, I am teaching INST 300 and Math 320 (Introduction to Algebraic Structures).

Office Hours

Office hours will be announced at the start of Fall 2015.

Student evaluations

I take a very dim view of ratemyprofessor.com and similar websites. For those who are interested in the actual opinions of my students (as opposed to practically anyone who can post on a website), I've made my student evaluation data available here. These questions are from the official SIUE evaluation form.

Typing mathematics

My LaTeX page has information about how to type mathematics.

Senior Projects

All students at SIUE must complete a senior project. Please visit my senior project page for information about senior projects I have advised and projects I would advise in the future.

What do mathematicians do?

Think math stops at 2+3 (or maybe calculus)? The Mathematical Atlas is a very good site that explains many of the different sub-areas in modern mathematics. It will give you some insight into what's going on today. Or swing by my office, and we can chat about what exactly mathematicians do.

Tips for Conquering Math Anxiety

Do you fear math? Dread having to take a math exam? You CAN pass and do well in math classes. Here are a handful of tips to help you; also, visit the links for more detailed suggestions.

  • Think positively -- I want you to pass and do well in my class, and the department feels the same way. You CAN do this.
  • There is a support system here at SIUE designed to help you succeed in this class -- and I'm an integral part of it. Please come to see me in office hours, email me, or catch me before or after class to ask for help.
  • Mathematics is not a spectator sport; understanding mathematics requires lots of practice. Therefore, it's critically important that you do your homework. Try setting a specific time each day aside to work on your math class.