Places I’ve taught…


My first course at SIUE was American National Government and Politics in Fall of 1996—the semester my son was born!  Back then, the course size was 90.  I can still name some of those students.  Now, the course size is 45!


I continued to teach American Government courses at SIUE through 2002, and taught one upper-level course in Environmental Sciences (before Dr. Guehlstorf was hired).


Other places I’ve had the privilege of teaching were—


Department of Political Science, University of MissouriSt. Louis

            Urban Politics, American Politics, and Public Administration.  Much of this was done while I was finishing my

doctorate there.  One of my students went on to become a somewhat high-profile representative in the Missouri Legislature.


The Pierre Laclede Honors College, University of MissouriSt. Louis

            Course Director for The City and Good Lives—probably the greatest class I have ever taught.  About 125

students, six teaching assistants, and a wonderful budget to do creative things!  I try to take the best of this course

and put it in my current Urban Politics class.


St. Charles County Community College, St. Peters, MO

Adjunct professor teaching American, State, and Local politics classes.  One of my students here was a police officer in St. Charles.  For a long time, he was the face for reporters whenever there was a crime story there.


Continuing Education roles with St. Louis Community College at Meramec and Maryville University on very narrow

professional topics.  One guy who signed up for one of those classes went to kindergarten with me!  We both felt