Allison Karmel Thomason
Associate Professor
Department of Historical Studies
Ph.D., Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University, 1999
M.A. University of Chicago, 1993
B.A. Brown University, 1991

Research Interests:
Mesopotamia, Neo-Assyrian empire, art historical method and theory, collecting and museum studies, imperialism and exoticism

"Representations of the North Syrian Landscape in Neo-Assyrian Art", Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 323, August 2001: 63-96.

"Conceptions of the Material World at Nineveh", Iraq 66, December, 2004.

Luxury and Legitimation:  Royal Collecting in Ancient Mesopotamia (London:  Ashgate, in press 2005).

Courses Taught Regularly:
History 111b, Introduction to the History of Western Civilization, 1815-Present
History 112a, World History, Prehistory-1500
History 113, Civilizations of the Ancient World
History 302, Ancient Egypt
History 304, Ancient Greece
History 403, Ancient Mesopotamia
Art and Ideology in the Ancient World
History 500:  Graduate Seminar on Orientalism
Interdisciplinary Studies/Women's Studies 352, Women in the Ancient World

SIU Travel-Study Trips to Egypt and Greece (Ancient World Experiences)

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