Notes to "Universal Because Specific"

It is suggested that the reader opens these notes as a New Window.

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[13] Notably, Lebedinsky's observations concerning the Eighth Quartet and Seventh, Eleventh, and Twelfth Symphonies ("Some Musical Quotations of Shostakovich", DSCH XVII, December 1990); and Maxim Shostakovich's description of the Fourth Symphony as "a portrayal of the policies and apocalypses of the Soviet regime" (Interview by Louis Blois in DSCH XIV, November 1989).

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[20] The Independent, 6th April 1991. An American orchestra with whom Rozhdestvensky was rehearsing the work were bemused by this. One orchestra member dimly enquired: "Why tap out messages when they can speak to one another on the telephone?" "I realised," recalls the conductor, wearily, "that there was no point in discussing the matter further."

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