Year     Shostakovich: Life And Works      Contemporary Soviet Music           Contemporary Soviet Culture       Contemporary Soviet Life            
1966     59-60. January: Quartet No. 11    Tishchenko: Symphony No. 3;         February: trial of writers        End of 'de-Stalinization'. Moves    
         in F minor, Op.122, at Repino.    Requiem (after Akhmatova)           Daniel and Sinyavsky. Sholokhov   to rehabilitate the dictator.       
         February: Preface to My           Schnittke: Violin Concerto No. 2;   demands death-sentence. They      Khrushchev 'unpersoned'. Wave of    
         Collected Works and Brief         Quartet No. 2 Eshpay: Piano         are sentenced to seven years'     repressive political trials all     
         Reflections on this Preface,      Sonata Shchedrin: Piano Concerto    hard labour. End of fourth        over Russia. Censorship             
         Op.123. March 25: premiere of     No. 2 Lokshin: Symphony No. 3       'thaw'. Beginning of Export       reinforced. March-April: 23rd       
         Eleventh Quartet in Moscow.       Denisov: Laments Lyatoshinsky:      Only literature and rapid         Party Congress. Restoring           
         March-April: attends 23rd         Symphony No. 5 Silvestrov:          growth of samizdat literature.    Politburo, Brezhnev makes himself   
         Congress of CP as Leningrad       Symphony No. 3 (Eschatophony)       March: intellectuals protest      General Secretary. September:       
         delegate. April: falls ill.       Ali-Zade: Symphony No. 2 Ivanovs:   Soviet injustice and deplore      penal code revised to facilitate    
         Convalesces in sanatorium in      Poem of Struggle (for strings)      the trend towards                 action against dissidents.          
         the Crimea. Cello Concerto No.    Tubin: Symphony No. 8 Pärt:         rehabilitation of Stalin. March                                       
         2 in G, Op.126. April 24:         Symphony No. 2                      5: Akhmatova dies at Komarovo.                                        
         premiere of 6 Japanese                                                Kuznetsov: Babi Yar (novel)                                           
         Romances, Op.21 (1928-32) in                                          Shalamov: Kolyma Tales                                                
         Leningrad. May 28: premiere of                                        (stories, published in samizdat)                                      
         5 Krokodil Romances in                                                                                                                      
         Leningrad. Suffers heart attack                                                                                                             
         after concert. June: Leningrad                                                                                                              
         White Nights Festival devoted                                                                                                               
         to S.'s music. June-August:                                                                                                                 
         hospitalised. September 25:                                                                                                                 
         60th birthday. Order of Lenin                                                                                                               
         and Hero of Socialist Labour.                                                                                                               
         Premieres of Second Cello                                                                                                                   
         Concerto (soloist: Mstislav                                                                                                                 
         Rostropovich) and film of                                                                                                                   
         Katerina Ismailova.                                                                                                                         
         Autumn-Winter: works quietly on                                                                                                             
         Blok cycle at Zhukovka.                                                                                                                     
1967     60-61. Celebrates New Year with   Karayev: Violin Concerto Eshpay:    Alexander Ginzburg arrested for   More political trials. Beginning    
         Britten at Zhukovka. Spring:      Concerto for Orchestra Vainberg:    publishing 'seditious'            of Brezhnevian 'stagnation'.        
         finishes 7 Romances on Verses     Symphony No. 9; Trumpet Concerto    material. May: Solzhenitsyn       December: Ceausescu takes over in   
         by Alexander Blok, Op.127; song   B. Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 2      writes to Fourth Congress of      Rumania.                            
         Spring, spring, Op.128. May:      Shchedrin: Concerto for Orchestra   the Writers' Union, demanding                                         
         Violin Concerto No. 2 in C        No. 2 (Chimes) Sviridov: Time,      an end to censorship.  E.                                             
         sharp minor, Op.129, at Repino.   Forward! Mosolov: Hail, Moscow      Ginzburg: Into the Whirlwind                                          
         August: holiday in Byelorussia.   (cantata) Volkonsky: Itinerant      (memoir, published in samizdat)                                       
         Car-accident in Moscow: breaks    Concerto Ivanovs: Symphony No. 12   Fedin: The Bonfire (novel)                                            
         leg. Funeral-Triumphal Prelude,   Kancheli: Symphony No. 1            Serebryakova: Tornado (memoir)                                        
         Op.130, and symphonic poem                                            Gerasimov: The Journalist (film)                                      
         October, Op.131, for 50th                                                                                                                   
         anniversary of the revolution.                                                                                                              
         September 13: Second Violin                                                                                                                 
         Concerto premiered in Bolshevo                                                                                                              
         (soloist: David Oistrakh).                                                                                                                  
         Autumn: film score Sofya                                                                                                                    
         Perovskaya, Op.132. October:                                                                                                                
         Blok cycle premiered in Moscow.                                                                                                             
1968     61-62. Spring: orchestration of   Gubaydulina: Night in Memphis       February: Alexander Ginzburg      January: Dubcek succeeds Novotny    
         Fleishman's Rothschild's          (cantata) Eshpay: Lenin Is With     given seven years in the Gulag.   in Czechoslovakia. Liberalisation   
         Violin. March 11: finishes        Us (cantata) Shchedrin: Carmen      March-April: trial of Christian   - the 'Prague Spring'. May: Czech   
         Quartet No. 12 in D flat          Suite Denisov: Autumn Lokshin:      group in Leningrad. April:        leaders visit Moscow. July:         
         Op.133. April: steps down as      Symphony No. 4 K. Khachaturian:     first issue of Chronicle of       'Warsaw Letter' ultimatum to        
         First Secretary of RSFSR          Symphony No. 2 Knipper: Symphony    Current Events. June:             Prague. August 20: Soviet Pact      
         Composers' Union. Rothschild's    No. 16 Vainberg: Symphony No. 10    Sakharov's Progress,              forces invade Czechoslovakia.       
         Violin premiered in Leningrad.    Peiko: Symphony No. 5               Coexistence, and Intellectual     August 25: dissident protests in    
         June 14: Twelfth Quartet                                              Freedom (in samizdat) Autumn:     Red Square against Soviet           
         premiered in Moscow. August:                                          Pavel Litvinov arrested.          intervention in Czechoslovakia.     
         Violin Sonata, Op.134. Summer:                                        Solzhenitsyn: The First Circle;   October: trial of Red Square        
         tour through Karelia with Irina.                                      Cancer Ward (novels) Abramov:     demonstrators.                      
                                                                               Two Winters, Three Summers                                            
1969     62-63. January 8: Violin Sonata   Denisov: D-S-C-H; Wind Quintet      Solzhenitsyn thrown out of the    Zorin and Alexeyev: the             
         premiered in Moscow (soloist:     Gubaydulina: Rubayat (cantata)      Writers' Union. Rostropovich      'Leningrad Programme'. Samizdat     
         David Oistrakh).                  Volkonsky: Les Mailles du temps     gives him refuge.                 analysis of nomenklatura as         
         January-February: hospitalised    Tishchenko: Cello Concerto No. 3    Solzhenitsyn: The Lovegirl and    Soviet ruling-class. March:         
         in neurological unit. Composes    Vainberg: Symphony No. 11 Popov:    the Innocent Marchenko: My        Sino-Soviet border clashes on the   
         Symphony No. 14, Op.135. March:   Symphony No. 6 (Festive) Tubin:     Testimony (memoir) Trifonov:      Ussuri River. May: formation of     
         re-orchestrates Tishchenko's      Symphony No. 9 Terteryan:           The Exchange (novel) Donskoi:     action group for defense of civil   
         Cello Concerto No. 1 (1963).      Symphony No. 1                      Chaliapin (film)                  rights in USSR. General             
         Summer: holidays in Armenia and                                                                         Grigorenko arrested and             
         Siberia. September 29: 14th                                                                             imprisoned in psychiatric ward.     
         Symphony premiered in Leningrad                                                                         June: Crimean Tatars demonstrate    
         (soloists: Vishnevskaya, Mark                                                                           in Moscow. December: Soviet         
         Reshetin).                                                                                              negotiators are recalled from       
1970     63-64. January-February:          Gubaydulina: Vivente, non vivente   Tvardovsky sacked from            Sakharov, Tverdokhlebov, and        
         Loyalty (8 choruses), Op.136,     Shchedrin: 24 Preludes and Fugues   editorship of Novy Mir.           Chalidze found Soviet Human         
         for Lenin's centenary.            Volkonsky: Replica Popov:           Solzhenitsyn invited to leave     Rights Committee. March 5:          
         April-May: hospitalised           Symphony No.6; Organ Concerto       the USSR; he refuses to go.       Sakharov writes to Soviet           
         (Ilizarov clinic in Kurgan).      Denisov: Peinture Tishchenko:       Zhores Medvedev sent to mental    leadership, protesting lack of      
         June-July: film score King        Sinfonia Robusta; Quartet No. 3;    hospital for criticising the      intellectual freedom. June:         
         Lear, Op.137. Summer: Moscow,     Tsvetayeva Songs Lokshin:           Soviet regime. Solzhenitsyn       beginning of Jewish emigration      
         for Tchaikovsky Competition.      Symphony No. 5 (Shakespeare's       protests, calling it 'spiritual   movement. August: diplomatic        
         September-October: Ilizarov       Sonnets) Knipper: Symphony Nos.     murder'. October: Solzhenitsyn    relations with China re-opened.     
         clinic again. Quartet No. 13 in   17 (Lenin) and 18 Ivanovs:          awarded Nobel Prize.  N.          December: trial of Jewish           
         B flat minor, Op.138; March of    Symphony No. 13 Kancheli:           Mandelstam: Hope Against Hope     dissidents who tried to hijack      
         the Soviet Police, Op.139.        Symphony No. 2 (Chants) Suslin:     (memoir) Grossman: Forever        plane in Leningrad. Gaoled for      
         December 11: premiere of          Sinfonia piccola                    Flowing (novel) Bondarchuk:       fifteen years. Polish price-riots   
         Thirteenth Quartet in Moscow.                                         Waterloo (film)                   in Gdansk. Gierek replaces          
1971     64-65. Spring: orchestrates 6     Denisov: Piano Trio Lokshin:        Solzhenitsyn: August 1914         Nadir of Brezhnevian repression.    
         Romances on Verses by English     Symphony No. 6 Gubaydulina:         (novel) Maksimov: Seven Days of   Widespread crime, alcoholism, and   
         Poets (1942), Op.140.             Quartet No. 1; Fairytale Pärt:      Creation (novel)                  corruption. March: 24th Party       
         July-August: Symphony No. 15 in   Symphony No. 3 K. Khachaturian: A                                     Congress. Italian and Rumanian      
         A, Op.141. September: suffers     Moment of History (cantata)                                           delegates reject Brezhnev           
         second heart-attack during        Knipper: Symphony No. 19                                              Doctrine of unlimited               
         rehearsals of Fifteenth           Khrennikov: Piano Concerto No. 2                                      sovereignty. Indo-Soviet            
         Symphony. October: Order of the   Ivanovs: Symphony No. 14  for                                         friendship treaty. September:       
         October Revolution. Winter:       chamber orchestra Ustvolskaya:                                        Khrushchev dies. Brezhnev meets     
         hospitalised.                     Dona nobis pacem                                                      Tito in Belgrade.                   
1972     65-66. January 8: Fifteenth       Shchedrin: Lenin Lives (cantata)    January: KGB crack-down.          New wave of censorship. Trials of   
         Symphony premiered in Moscow.     Kabalevsky: Letter to the 30th      Chronicle of Current Events       'liberals' in Czechoslovakia.       
         May: visits East Germany.         century (oratorio) Lokshin:         banned. June: arrest of Petr      May: army suppresses nationalist    
         Summer: to Aldeburgh to stay      Symphony No. 7 Denisov: Cello       Yakir.  Kozintsev: King Lear      demonstration in Lithuania. May:    
         with Britten. Begins Fourteenth   Concerto Schnittke: Symphony No.    (film) Tarkovsky: Solaris (film)  Nixon visits Moscow. May 30:        
         Quartet. Autumn-winter:           1 Eshpay: Violin Concerto No. 2                                       signing of SALT 1 treaty on         
         hospitalised with renal colic     Gubaydulina: Roses (song-cycle)                                       limitation of strategic nuclear     
         and lung-cancer. Undergoes        Tishchenko: Piano Sonata No. 4                                        weapons.                            
         radiation therapy.                Knipper: Symphony No. 20 Peiko:                                                                           
                                           Symphony No. 6 Ivanovs: Symphony                                                                          
                                           No. 15 Terteryan: Symphony No. 2                                                                          
1973     66-67. February: to Berlin for    Lokshin: Symphony No. 8 Denisov:    Mandelstam's poetry published     No change on freedom of             
         productions of Katerina           La vie en rouge Tishchenko: Piano   for the first time since the      expression. June 22:                
         Ismailova and The Nose. March:    Sonata No. 5 Ustvolskaya: Dies      1920s. August: trial of Yakir     Soviet-American agreement on        
         further radiation therapy.        Irae Khrennikov: Symphony No. 3     and Krasin. They 'repent' and     prevention of nuclear war.          
         April 23: finishes Quartet No.    Tubin: Symphony No. 10 Kancheli:    plead guilty. August 23:                                              
         14 in F sharp, Op.142, at         Symphony No. 3                      Elizaveta Voronyanskaya                                               
         Repino. May: to Copenhagen for                                        murdered by KGB after                                                 
         production of Katerina                                                confessing to possession of                                           
         Ismailova. June: sails to New                                         manuscript copy of                                                    
         York. July: back to Moscow via                                        Solzhenitsyn's Gulag                                                  
         England. August: 6 Songs on                                           Archipelago. September:                                               
         Poems by Marina Tsvetayeva,                                           Solzhenitsyn's Letter to the                                          
         Op.143. October 30: Fourteenth                                        Soviet Leaders.  Trifonov:                                            
         Quartet premiered in Moscow.                                          Impatience (novel) Markov:                                            
         December 27: Tsvetayeva Songs                                         Siberia (novel)                                                       
         premiered in Moscow.                                                                                                                        
1974     67-68. January: orchestrates      Tishchenko: Symphony No. 4          January: Solzhenitsyn subjected   Bad harvest forces massive wheat    
         Tsvetayeva Songs, Op.143a.        Denisov: Piano Concerto             to campaign of harassment         imports from America. February:     
         February-May 17: Quartet No. 15   Schnittke: Hymnus I-III             following publication abroad of   Volga Germans demonstrate in        
         in in E flat minor, Op.144, at    Gubaydulina: Preludes Knipper:      Volume 1 of The Gulag             Moscow and Tallin for               
         Repino. June-July: Suite on       Symphony No. 21 Ivanovs: Symphony   Archipelago. February:            repatriation. December: Brezhnev    
         Verses by Michelangelo, Op.145.   No. 16                              Solzhenitsyn arrested and         and Ford agree SALT timetable at    
         Autumn: rehearsals of The Nose                                        expelled from the USSR.           Vladivostock.                       
         at new Moscow Chamber Opera                                           Chukovskaya and Voynovich                                             
         Theatre. October 20: Sergei                                           thrown out of the Writers'                                            
         Shirinsky dies. October 25:                                           union.  N.Mandelstam: Hope                                            
         Fifteenth Quartet premiered in                                        Abandoned (memoir)                                                    
         Leningrad. December 23:                                                                                                                     
         Michelangelo Suite premiered in                                                                                                             
1975     68-69. January: orchestrates      Tishchenko: Piano Sonata No. 6      December: Sakharov awarded        Another bad harvest. Soviet         
         Michelangelo Suite, Op.145a,      Lokshin: Symphony No. 9 Kancheli:   Nobel Peace Prize.  Voynovich:    farming in state of collapse.       
         and Song of the Flea              Symphony No. 4 (In memoria di       Ivan Chonkin (novel)              More huge wheat imports from        
         (Beethoven); 4 Verses of          Michelangelo) Terteryan: Symphony   Solzhenitsyn: The Oak and the     America. August 1: Helsinki         
         Captain Lebyadkin, Op.146.        No. 3 Gubaydulina: Laudatio pacis   Calf (memoir) Vladimov:           Accord on human rights.             
         March: hospitalised. April-May:   Schnittke: Praeludium in memoriam   Faithful Ruslan (novella)                                             
         convalescing. June-July 6:        D. Shostakovich Vainberg:                                                                                 
         Viola Sonata, Op.147, Repino      Symphony No. 12 (In memoriam D.                                                                           
         and Moscow. July-August:          Shostakovich) Ustvolskaya:                                                                                
         hospitalised. August 9: dies in   Benedictus, qui venit                                                                                     
         hospital. August 14: buried in                                                                                                              
         Novodevichy Cemetery, Moscow.                                                                                                               
         October 1: premiere of Viola                                                                                                                
         Sonata in Leningrad.