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Weight Management Program
Weight Management Program
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The Program

Our mission is to provide a successful lifelong approach to weight management and a healthy lifestyle. Weight management means achieving weight loss and then maintaining to keep it off while living a healthy lifestyle.

The SIUE Weight Management Clinic is designed for individuals between ages of 18-70 with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 or greater. You should be able to perform physical activity such as walking.

Other criteria include:

• Non-smoker
• Not on any extreme or fad diets
• Not pregnant or lactating

The 12 month program is separated into 2 phases:
Phase 1: Concentration on Weight Loss (first 6 months) ranging from 800-1,200 calories/day
Phase 2: Concentration on Weight Maintenance (second 6 months) with eating plans designed for each individual's body weight

We will teach you nutritional guidelines, exercise intervention, and behavioral changes needed to manage your weight and enjoy better health.

Our program uses a low calorie diet and provides meal replacements to keep your calorie intake balanced. We use Health Management Resources (HMR) as our source for meal replacements during phase 1. HMR has a wide variety of choices that you will be able to pick from for your weekly meal planning. In phase 2 (weight maintenance) we teach you how to select foods commonly found at grocery stores to prepare for success after the program is complete.

The cornerstone of the program is a weekly lifestyle clinic, which serves as both an educational forum and a support group. Therefore, you will participate in weekly group sessions (45-60 minutes long) discussing topics focused toward achieving your weight loss goals. Weight management is a set of learned behaviors and, thus, the clinics are designed to teach and promote those behaviors. All classes are developed by a multidisciplinary staff of registered dieticians, exercise physiologists, and behavioral psychologists. Attendance and participation is required at the weekly lifestyle clinics. These sessions are not open to the public and will only include participants and facilitators.

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