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Weight Management Program
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Glossary of Terms

Behavioral modification - The use of principles and techniques based in Learning Theory to change unwanted behaviors.

Body Mass Index - An index for estimating weight status, obtained from the formula (weight in kilograms) divided by [(height in meters) squared] or kg/m2.

(Type 2) Diabetes Mellitus - A metabolic disorder, marked by high blood sugar levels.

Dietitian - A dietitian is a person whose training and experience is in the area of nutrition and who has the ability to apply that information to assess different people's dietary needs, and also develop and carry out individualized nutrition care plans. A registered dietitian must meet certain educational and professional training requirements set by the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and pass a registration examination given by the ADA.

EKG - Electrocardiogram is a record of the electrical activity of the heart.

Environmental factors - Aspects of a person's home or other places that impact the person's behavior.

Hypertension - A condition in which a person has a higher than normal blood pressure.

Obese or obesity (as defined for adults) - A body mass index of 30 kg/m2 and above.

Overweight (as defined for adults) - A body mass index of 25.0-29.9 kg/m2.

Sleep apnea - An illness associated with obesity that results in short periods during sleep when breathing stops.

Triggers - Factors such as places, situations or emotions that are associated with a particular behavior in a person. A person then develops a habit of engaging in that behavior whenever exposed to the factor(s).

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