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Weight Management Program
Weight Management Program
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"The SIUE Weight Control Research Program has helped me accomplish something that I have failed to do time and time again over decades on other programs -- change my eating and exercise habits from unhealthy to healthy. The program has been easy to follow with good results. I lost over 35 pounds in 6 months and I now exercise regularly. I plan to continue on the program until I have lost a total of 70 pounds."

"What makes this program work for me is a structured plan that is easy to follow, tangible results that include not only weight loss but other improvements in health including lowered cholesterol and blood pressure, the excitement that comes from dropping 3-4 clothing sizes, a phenomenal group of supportive participants in the program who encourage one another, and a leader who is a knowledgeable professional nutritionist who strives to make the program educational and fun."

"I would like you all to know that I very much appreciate the information, support and encouragement that I received from your program. Although I am continuing the journey, I was able to loose 30 lbs and gained much in a healthier body. At the time I started the program, I had gotten a 6 months. reprieve from my doctor before he was going to put me on oral diabetic medication. Because of your program, that topic isn't even discussed in my physical exams. My husband is now exercising and we are eating healthier. You have given me the tools I need and now it is up to me. I sincerely appreciate everyone's support and assistance. Everyone who worked with me had a wonderful attitude and genuinely involved in helping me get healthier."

"All of staff have a sincere purpose and put their clients first. They encourage in a gentle, positive way."

"Hello, things are going well. I went and bought a pair of jeans over the weekend and I bought a size 10. I have not worn that size in years! I just felt so happy!! That was my goal that I thought would never happen...seriously a size 10! When I started this program I bought a size 22. I am so happy so happy!! If I don't lose another oz and maintained where I am now, I can live with it!"

"I was pleased by how well this program works and how important it is to meet with your group on a regular basis to maintain the weight loss. I feel I now have the tools to be successful."

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