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Please note that for now, the market is limited to people in the central midwest (Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, etc.).  The items listed should be used weaving equipment and not-so-used supplies (not finished goods for now). Listings will be removed from the web page after a year unless I hear from you again.
 Feel free to send me email descriptions of your items for sale or that you want to buy.  Please include a description, price (if applicable), and contact information (phone, email). If I receive the listing by email I will include your email address as the contact information unless you tell me otherwise.  If you are located outside the greater St. Louis area, please include your city and state.
 Last updated 10/15/07.
Items for Sale
Items Wanted

Equipment/Supplies For Sale By
Weavers Delight Flying Shuttle loom #8646, compleate warp on roller. Great working condition. Extras included. Located in NW PA Asking $500, will consider delivery if close
(posted 10/15/07)
Contact Jamie Dickant, (814)776-1713.
I have a solid oak, 8 harness floor loom for sale This loom is approximately 23 years old and is great for all kinds of projects from scarves, placemats, throws and even rugs. I think it is a Kessenich loom but am not sure. It has 10 treadles and a 46” weaving width and the loom footprint is 58” W X 46”L . It is in working order and was just used last year to make some scarves, but it may need a little TLC and cleaning up. I am including the bench, 3 reeds (6, 8 & 12 epi), sectional warping beam, shuttles, heavy beater rug bar (removable), plus many more supplies. The loom will fold for shipping and storing. Located in Overland Park, Kansas – a suburb of Kansas City, MO. Asking $1000. Pictures of the front of the loom and the back of the loom are available.
(posted 9/10/07)
Contact Holly Hayden, 913-851-4763.
Entire fiber arts studio: 36" Union 2 harness rug loom, with owner's manual; Mary Black's New Key to Weaving; Louet S10 spinning wheel, with skein winder; warping reel/yarn blocker made by woodworking artist, 22x34 warping board; temple; Louet drop spindle; woodworker made drop spindle; ball winder; 7 vintage rag shuttles; assorted walnut, hickory, oak flat shuttles made by woodworking artist (6",10",12",13",16"); 6# Corriedale fleece; wool roving in 4oz pkgs; flax roving; 24 spools for rug warp; rug warp (11 light grey, 12 magenta, 1 black, 1 brown, 2 light blue, 2 lavendar); acrylic rug filler in off white, buff, and light blue; very large assortment of cones and skeins of yarn.....mostly novelty; various books and publications about all fiber arts; assortment of dyeing items and instructions. I also have many vintage spools and shuttles that I use as decoration in my studio. I have pictures of everything, but could add only 4 to this listing. There are about 20 more pictures that I can email. Selling price is $1500 for the entire studio. See pictures on listing on craigslist. Located in Pacific, MO.
(posted 9/8/07)
Contact Jean.
Harrisville 8 Harness, 10 Treadle, 36" weaving width floor loom, with castle tray. Excellent condition, like new. Need to sell to make room for another loom. Asking $1300.00. I'm located in Lake St. Louis, MO area. Can help with delivery if you live in the area.
(posted 8/25/07)
Contact Susan Matheson.
LOOMCRAFT 45" 4 harness jack floor loom, 20 yrs old, good condition, maple. Includes bench, 1 dent, large warping board, extra heddles, boat shuttle and 2 ski shuttles. Must sell quickly. Pick up 1 hour west of St. Louis/Hwy 70. Asking $400.
(posted 7/13/07)
Contact Barb.
ASHFORD traditional single draw spinning wheel, approx. 20 years old but in good condition, just needs string resetting. Must sell quickly. Asking $150
(posted 7/13/07)
Contact Barb.
I have a 60" LeClerc 4 harness 6 treadle loom for sale. I will deliver within 100 mile radius of St. Louis. Good condition. $400.
(posted 5/3/07)
Contact Linda Beckley.
22" TABLE LOOM (aka workshop loom): 4 shaft, wood frame Structo Artcraft Loom, very sturdy and in good shape, manufactured by Structo Division, King Seeley-Thermos, Freeport, IL. Overall dimensions: 30"W, 28"L, and 25"H. Asking $175.
(posted 4/25/07)
Contact Bob Eltz, Chesterfield, MO, 314-469-1483
Weavers Delight Flying Shuttle loom #4560; 45", 4H, 1 reed. COMPLETE (14 cams, 20 canisters, 6 flying shuttles, original Owner's Manual, etc). Very good condition. Delivery negotiable depending on distance. Located in WI. $600.
(posted 4/23/07)
Contact Linda Kennedy, 608-625-4567.
I have a Countermarch Eeva loom, 4 or 8 harness, 59" weaving width made of beautiful finnish birch. It is only six years old and has hardly been used. Solid enough for rug weaving. Hanging beater and metal handles for warp tension and release. Comes complete with a Toika bench. Asking $2,900.
(posted 4/23/07)
Contact Gretchen Spickerman, Lac du Flambeau Wisconsin.
1. A 150+ year old handcrafted oak, walnut, and pine loom. 5'6 tall 56 inch wide 60 inches deep. Two foot treadles: one original, one a replacement. Owner calls this a rocking loom. ( $650.)
2. Rigid headle table loom with 12 wide weaving width 15 inch wide altogether. ($100).
3. Handmade 30 inch wide warp winder with handle( $75).
5. Plastic Ballwinder ($20).
6. Scale ($15).
7. Bobbin Lace cylinder, bobbins, book ($100).
8. Wooden lazy kate ($45)
9. Wooden lazy kate ($45.) and hand carders ($30)
11 Louet spinning wheel ($150)
12. Spinning wheel made in New Zealand ($100).
13. Five wooden drop spindles ($5 each)
(posted 3/30/07)
Contact Bill Nagel, 636.742.4333
Large, four harness floor loom. Automatic gears to change harnesses. Reed Mfg Co. Very sturdy, good for making rugs. Many remaining supplies go with the loom, if desired. $600. NW of Chicago. Must be picked up.
(posted 3/19/07)
Contact IrishB4y@aol.com
36" floor loom, 4 heddles, six pedals and at least 55 years old. Price - $225.
Swedish Linen yarn multi-bright colors--I have about 25 skeins of linen yarn in multi bright colors. Some weigh about 3 ounces, some about 7 ounces. - $60.
(posted 2/7/07)
Contact Peggy Vickroy, 314-434-3662
I have a Leclerc 60" 4 harness, 6 treadle loom that I would like to sell. It has several extra reeds, a bench, and some spare wire and string heddles. It is a very large sturdy loom. I live in St. Peters, and am willing to deliver it within a 100 mile radius or if someone is willing to meet me somewhere half way. I'd like $500 or best offer for this loom. It is currently being used as a Kitty Seat and needs a good home!
(posted 10/30/06)
Contact Petra Lau, St. Peters, MO, 314-616-9925
Magazine collection:   95 issues of Shuttle, Spindle, and Dyepot plus a 1969-79 index.  Some show typical wear but most are in very good condition.  $95 for all (new price 08/08/06), plus shipping (approximately $32).  (Click to see list.)
(posted 4/25/06, re-posted 8/08/06)
Contact Pegi Bevins, near Des Moines, Iowa
White Model 1418 heavy-duty sewing machine (handles 6-8 layers denim).  Converts to free arm.  Brand-new--never used. $75.
(posted 5/17/06)
Contact Carol McKirgan, 636-527-4876.

Equipment/Supplies Wanted By
I am a special education teacher. I work with 3rd-6th grade students with emotional and behavior problems. I am interested in buying a loom for rug making with my students for therapeutic reasons. The school’s art teacher and I are developing a service learning program for my students which will provide them the opportunity to be productive contributors in our community.
I don’t have a large budget and am working from a grant. If there is anyone with such a loom and or materials, please contact me.
(posted 10/15/07)
Contact Julia Frascona, Franklin Elementary School, Appleton, WI 54911, 920-830-4570
Wanted: Kessenich Floor Loom-36", 42", or 46", 4 harness, 10 treadle. I live in Madison, Wisconsin.
(posted 10/15/07)
Contact Alayne, (608) 232-0077
I am looking for a used 120cm Glimakra standard loom, or possibly a 100cm Glimakra Ideal, in good condition. Would prefer southern Illinois or southern Indiana location.
(posted 10/15/07)
Contact Brenda Orthober, 812-923-8105
I'm looking for a used 8-harness Baby Wolf to take to workshops. I live in central Iowa.
(posted 10/15/07)
Contact Pegi Bevins
I am looking for 36” or 42” or 46” Kessenich 4 or 8 harness floor loom.
I live in Illinois, about 1 hour from St. Louis.
(posted 5/2/07)
Contact Barbara Wilson, 217-415-8202
Shuttles Wanted: I would like to buy shuttles, both boat shuttles and stick shuttles. I will be teaching weaving classes starting this summer. I have the looms but need the shuttles! Please contact me with the size, type and asked for price.
(posted 04/13/07)
Contact Jennie Hawkey, 309-274-6150
Looking for 36 inch floor loom, prefer folding mechanism. Kansas or Missouri locations preferred.
(posted 2/18/07)
Contact Jenny Peimann, 913-485-1124
Wanted: Mountain 8 harness table loom, 22" weaving width. Must be folding model. Will pay for shipping to Massachusetts for the right loom.
(posted 2/3/07, changed 4/19/07)
Call or email Rani Chadowitz, Sharon, MA, 781-784-4299
I am looking for a rag cutter to prepare fabric strips for rag rug weaving. I would like something on the lines of a Rigby Model B so I can cut strips at a width of one inch or more. I would be willing to buy or lease.
(posted 1/12/07)
Contact Jeanne Holmes, Bonne Terre, Missouri
Looking for a used, castle style spinning wheel in the $200-$250 range. Will pay for shipping or I'm willing to pick up within a 200 mile radius of Minneapolis.
(posted 7/25/06)
Contact Perri Graham, Twin Cities area
Hi, I'm moving to the St Louis metro area (southern Illinois) and am a beginning weaver. A rigid heddle loom seems less intimidating to start with. I've looked at Ebay but many of the listers know nothing about looms, so it's not a good place for a beginner. If anyone has any recommendations about rigid heddle looms or has one for sale, could you contact me by email?
(posted 6/21/06)
Contact Mary von Tobel
I would like to purchase a used, but nice, SCHACHT Tension Box. I recently converted my Schacht Baby Wolf to a sectional warp, but now find that my Norwood tension box will not work.
(posted 6/20/06)
Contact Judy Kimbro, Metamora, IL 61548
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