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2007-08 Academy

2007-08 URA Scholars

2007-2008 URA Scholars at their symposium. Back row, from left: Shruti Patil, Maggie Wilson, Kaitlin Alderman, Felicia Scaggs, Jacqueline Jacquot, Jessica Mates, John Drenkhahn, Brian Russell, Patsy Gerstenecker, Matt Wilson and Michael Toje. Front row: Kevin Grier, Ashley Jarrett, Rebecca Barton, Dawn Powell, Candi Moyer, Brian Schoeneck, Sara Randant and Lindsey Hamilton. Not pictured is Jacquelynn Kelly.

Members of the 2007-08 Undergraduate Research Academy, their projects, and mentors included:

Kaitlin Alderman, Biological Sciences
Project: Morphometric Analyses of Coyote ( Canis latrans) and Gray Fox ( Urocyon cineoargenteus) Crania
Mentor: Luci Kohn

Rebecca Barton, Art and Design (Metalsmithing)
Project: The Application of Hydraulic Press Forming in Jewelry and Metalwork
Mentor: Paulette Myers

John Drenkhahn, Chemistry and Electrical Engineering
Project: FTIR Signal De-Noising Using Applied Wavelet Mathematics
Mentors: Michael Shaw and Bradley Noble

Patricia Gerstenecker, Biological Sciences
Project: Effects of Habitat on Condition and Microgeographic Distribution of Two Closely Related Topminnow Species
Mentor: David Duvernell

Kevin Grier, Art and Design (Metalsmithing)
Project: The Exploration into Large Scale Vessel Enameling
Mentor: Paulette Myers

Lindsey Hamilton, Chemistry
Project: The Molecular Mechanism of Dual Oxidase
Mentor: Chin-Chuan Wei

Jacqueline Jacquot, Biological Sciences
Project: Morphological and Germination Characteristics of Schoenoplectus hallii, a Rare Plant Species
Mentor: Marian Smith

Ashley Jarrett, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Project: Association Studies of Gene Promoter Regions in Patients Resistant to Aspirin
Mentor: Ron Worthington

Jacquelynn Kelly, Biological Sciences
Project: Seed Banks of Old Growth and Secondary Forests in Relation to the Invasive Species Amur Honeysuckle ( Lonicera maackii)
Mentor: Kurt Schulz

Jessica Mates, Biological Sciences
Project: Effects of Helicobacter canadensis on Inflammatory Response of Human Intestinal Epithelial Cell Lines
Mentor: Vance McCracken

Candi Moyer, Family Health and Community Health Nursing
Project: Perceptions of Labor/Delivery Nurses Regarding Certified Nurse Midwifery Care
Mentor: Laura Bernaix

Shruti Patil, Biological Sciences
Project: Consequences of Lead Toxicity on the Structural Morphology of Peromyscus leucopus
Mentors: Luci Kohn, Richard Brugam, Zhi-Qing Lin and William Retzlaff

Dawn Powell, Biochemistry
Project: Isolation of Nitric-oxide-generating Genes in Plant Arabidopsis
Mentors: Chin-Chuan Wei and Thomas Fowler

Sara Randant, Historical Studies
Project: Elite Women and Politics: How Confederate and Ottoman Ladies Affected Public Policy from Private Spaces
Mentor: Steve Tamari

Brian Russell, Physics
Project: The Evolution of Galaxies in Groups and Clusters of Differing Densities
Mentors: Pamela Gay and Jack Glassman

Felicia Scaggs, Biological Sciences
Project: Relatedness Within Nest Groups of the Southern Flying Squirrel, Glaucomys volans
Mentors: Rick Essner and Peter Minchin

Brian Schoeneck, Biological Sciences:
Project: Mate Discrimination as a Form of Reproductive Isolation in F. notatus and F. olivaceus
Mentor: David Duvernell

Michael Toje, Liberal Studies
Project: Translation of the Paschale Carmen, Books One Through Three
Mentor: Carl Springer

Margaret E. Wilson, Biological Sciences
Project: Disruption and Isolation in the Signaling Pathway of the Mushroom Schizophyllum commune
Mentor: Thomas Fowler

Matthew J. Wilson, Biological Sciences
Project: Can Lakes Remove Nitrogen Pollution from Water?
Mentor: Richard Brugam

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