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2004-05 Academy

Montage of Logos that 04-05 Scholars Attended

A collection of logos from the various conferences in which scholars from the 2004-05 URA presented their research.

Members of the 2004-2005 Academy, their projects and mentors are as follows:

Elizabeth Adams Marks, Art and Design (Fibers)
Project: "Handmade Paper from the Crops of Madison County"
Mentor: Laura Strand

Special Note: Elizabeth presented her research to The Eden Project in Cornwall, England, in Summer 2005. She also had a sample of her work on display at the Crane Museum of Papermaking in Massachusetts, and won best undergraduate presentation at SIUE Graduate School's 10th Annual Student Research Graduate Symposium in Spring 2006. She is the art teacher at Oakville Middle School, part of the Mehlville (MO) School District

Kelly Arnold, Anthropology
Project: "Southern Illinois Figurine Project: A Temporal Investigation"
Mentor: Julie Holt

Special Note: Kelly presented her research at the Midwest Archaeological Conference in Dayton, OH in October, 2005. She is doing archaeological work for ITARP

Sarah Barrow, Biological Sciences
Project: "Morphological Variation in Potamopyrgus antipodarum, the New Zealand Mud Snail"
Mentor: Paul Brunkow

Special Note: Sarah presented her work at the 2005 Joint Assembly of the American Geophysical Union, North American Benthological Society, Society of Exploration Geophysics and Solar Physics Division - Astronomical Society of America in New Orleans, May 2005. She is pursuing a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at the Southern Illinois School of Dental Medicine in Alton, IL

Sara (Barry) Martin, Nursing
Project: "Maternal-Newborn Nurses' Attitudes and Beliefs Toward Adolescent Mothers who Breastfeed"
Mentor: Laura Bernaix

Special Notes: Sara presented her research at the National Student Nurses' Association Annual Convention in Salt Lake City, April 2005. She is pursuing a Master of Science degree in Nursing at Northern Illinois University and working as a cardiac telemetry nurse at Edward Hospital in Naperville, IL

Christine Boston, Anthropology
Project: "Analysis of Skeletal Remains of the Emmons Site in Fulton County, IL"
Mentor: Julie Holt

Special Note: Christine is pursuing a PhD in Archaeological Sciences at the University of Western Ontario. She spent part of summer 2006 in Chile and summer 2007 in Peru working with Dr. Bernardo Arriaza on the Chinchorro mummie s

Megan Galvin, Biological Sciences (Genetic Engineering)
Project: "A Degenerate PCR Survey of L1 Element Lineages in Amphibian and Reptile Genomes"
Mentor: David Duvernell

Special Notes: Megan presented her research at the Evolution 2005 Conference in Fairbanks, AK. She is pursuing a Masters of Science degree in Biotechnology from Illinois State University

Bryan Grubaugh, Computer Science and Psychology
Project: "The Effects of the Testing Environment on User Performance in Software Usability Testing"
Mentors: Jerry Weinberg and Susan Thomas

Special Notes: Bryan presented his research at the International Association of Science and Technology for Development Conference on Human-Computer Interaction in Phoenix November, 2005. He is a business analyst for Perficient, Inc. in St. Louis

Andrea Knobloch, Geography
Project: "Determining the Effects of Roadways on Mesopredators in Madison County by Assessing Roadkill Patterns"
Mentor: Michael Starr

Special Note: Andrea presented her research at the Applied Geography Conference in St. Louis in October, 2004

Khanh Le, Art and Design (Printmaking)
Project: "Polymer Photogravure in Tritone"
Mentor: Thorsten Dennerline

Special Notes: Khanh presented his research at the Southern Graphics Council International Conference, Washington, D.C., Spring 2005. He is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking at Syracuse University

Christopher Rigdon, Mathematics and Statistics
Project: "Predicting Electoral Vote Totals for the Presidential Election"
Mentor: Ed Sewell

Special Notes: Chris presented his research at the Institute of Industrial Engineers Annual Conference in Atlanta in May 2005. He is pursuing a PhD in Industrial Engineering at Arizona State University

Amy Rogers, Biological Sciences
Project: "Timing of Radical Cutting and the Necessity of Herbicide Treatment in the Control of Euonymus fortunei"
Mentor: Kurt Schulz

Special Notes: Amy presented her work at the Illinois State Academy of Sciences Meeting in April 2005 and performed an internship with the Missouri Botanical Gardens in summer 2005. She is pursuing a Masters Degree in Biological Sciences at SIUE

Nellie Shaul, Chemistry
Project: "Synthesis of 2-Substituted Benzofurans"
Mentor: James McClure

Special Note: Nellie is pursuing a PhD in Marine Chemistry from the Scripps Institution of Oceonography, affiliated with the University of California, San Diego

Holly Steiner, Biological Sciences (Medical Science)
Project: "Isolation, Purification, and Characterization of Synthetic Cerato-ulmin"
Mentor: Mark Bolyard

Special Notes: Holly presented her research at the Illinois State Academy of Sciences Meeting in April, 2005. She is pursuing a Doctor of Medicine Degree at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Springfield, IL

Justin Thiel, Computer Engineering
Project: "An Implementation of a Soft-Core Computer System"
Mentor: Brad Noble

Special Note: Justin is pursuing a PhD in Computer Engineering at Washington University, St. Louis

Amy Winkler, Physics and Electrical Engineering
Project: "Designing the Lasing Characteristics of Europium Doped Silicate Glass"
Mentors: Abdullatif Hamad and Brad Noble

Special Note: Amy is pursuing a PhD in Optics at the University of Arizona

Mary Witte, Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology (Special Education and Communication Disorders)
Project: "The Effects of Linear Predictive Coding Analysis/Resynthesis of the Dysarthric Speech for Persons with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis"
Mentor: Melanie Brimer

Special Notes: Mary presented her research at the Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention, near Chicago, February, 2005. She is employed by Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis after receiving her Masters of Arts degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology from the University of Illinois in May 2007

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