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Spring 2015 URCA Assistant Projects


Interested in participating in Fall 2015? Look for application information on this site in March and April! 

- This position is only open to students who have declared a major in this discipline.

- This project deals with social justice issues.

- This project deals with sustainability (green) issues.

- This project deals with human health and wellness issues.

College of Arts and Sciences

Julie Holt S15-028 Apply Now!
Applied Communication Studies
Sorin Nastasia S15-046 Apply Now!
Art & Design
Brigham Dimick S15-016 Apply Now!
Barbara Nwacha S15-049 Apply Now!
Megan Robb S15-062 Apply Now!
Justin Sutters S15-072 Apply Now!
Biological/Environmental Sciences
Richard Essner S15-019 Position Filled
David Jennings S15-030 Apply Now!
Zhi-Qing Lin S15-039 Apply Now!
Darron Luesse S15-041 Apply Now!
Bill Retzlaff S15-060 Apply Now!
Christopher Theodorakis S15-073 Apply Now!
Myron Jones S15-032 Apply Now!
Yun Lu S15-040 Apply Now!
Sarah Luesse S15-042 Apply Now!
Nahid Shabestary S15-067 Apply Now!
Chin-Chuan Wei S15-076 Apply Now!
English Language and Literature
Jessica DeSpain S15-015 Apply Now!
Kristine Hildebrandt S15-027 Apply Now!
Larry LaFond S15-038 Apply Now!
Howard Rambsy S15-059 Position Filled
Foreign Languages and Literature
Olga Bezhanova S15-006 Position Filled
Heidy Carruthers S15-008 Apply Now!
Douglas Simms S15-070 Apply Now!
Michael Grossman S15-023 Apply Now!
Mass Communications
Undrah Baasanjav S15-002 Apply Now!
Mark Poepsel  S15-055 Apply Now!
Mathematics & Statistics
Song Chew S15-011 Position Filled
Edward Ackad S15-001 Apply Now!
Karen Vardanyan S15-074 Apply Now!
Mohammad Yousef S15-081 Apply Now!
Theater and Dance
Laura Hanson S15-025 Position Filled

School of Business

Computer Management & Information Systems
Connie Barber S15-003 Apply Now!
Economics & Finance
Ariel Belasen S15-005 Position Filled
Ayse Evrensel S15-020 Apply Now!

School of Engineering

Civil Engineering
Jianwei Huang S15-029 Apply Now!
Abdolreza Osouli S15-051 Apply Now!
Yan Qi S15-058 Apply Now!
Jianpeng Zhou S15-082 Apply Now!
Computer Science
Igor Crk S15-013 Apply Now!
Construction Management
Anne Werner S15-078 Apply Now!
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Xin Chen S15-010 Apply Now!
Jeff Darabi S15-014 Apply Now!
Jenna Gorlewicz S15-022 Apply Now!
Hoo Sang Ko S15-035 Apply Now!
Ryan Krauss S15-037 Apply Now!
Sinan Onal S15-050 Apply Now!
Fengxia Wang S15-075 Apply Now!

School of Education, Health and Human Behavior

Curriculum & Instruction
Caroline Pryor S15-057 Position Filled
Victoria Scott S15-066 Position Filled
Kinesiology & Health Education
Michelle Cathorall S15-009 Apply Now!
Brianne Guilford S15-024 Apply Now!
Dayna Henry S15-026 Position Filled
Lindsay Ross-Stewart S15-065 Apply Now!
Bryan Smith S15-071 Apply Now!
Joshua Wooten S15-079 Apply Now!
Huaibo Xin S15-080 Apply Now!
Lynn Bartels S15-004 Position Filled
Danice Brown S15-007 Apply Now!
Michael Dudley S15-017 Apply Now!
Eva Ferguson S15-021 Apply Now!
Jeremy Jewell S15-031 Position Filled
Thad Meeks S15-043 Apply Now!
Betsy Meinz S15-044 Apply Now!
Joel Nadler S15-045 Apply Now!
Cindy Nordstrom S15-048 Apply Now!
Laura Pawlow  S15-052 Apply Now!
Jonathan Pettibone S15-054 Apply Now!
Eunyoe Ro S15-061 Apply Now!
Christopher Rosnick S15-064 Apply Now!
Mitsuru Shimizu S15-068 Apply Now!
Special Education & Communication Disorders
Marie Klopfenstein S15-034 Apply Now!

School of Nursing

Lisa Romkema S15-063 Apply Now!
Primary Care and Health Systems Nursing
Amelia Perez S15-053 Position Filled
Ann Popkess S15-056 Position Filled

School of Dental Medicine

Development, Growth and Structure
Asha Eapen S15-018 Apply Now!
Anita Joy S15-033 Apply Now!
Dan Welch S15-077 Position Filled

School of Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical Sciences
Michael Crider S15-012 Apply Now!
Maria Kontoyianni S15-036 Apply Now!
Marcelo Nieto S15-047 Apply Now!
Walter Siganga S15-069 Apply Now!

For more information on the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Program,
contact Dr. Laura Pawlow at (618) 650-2608 or

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