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University Governance
University Governance
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University Wide Committees

The Faculty Senate appoints senators or faculty to a number of university wide committees. The terms of the committee seats are set in each committee's operating papers and depending on the time when the appointments are made, each of the terms may expire at different times during the year. Thus, the appointments are made sporadically throughout the year. (last update May 9, 2014)

Faculty Senate


Staff Senate

Igor Crk

Elizabeth Moreton

Yuping Zeng

Admission Review Committee

 Jeffrey Sabby
September 2013 to TBD


Budget Models & Fees Structures (ITS)

Business Processes (ITS)

Brad Cross
August 15, 2014

Roberta Harrison
August 15, 2014

Julie Pietroburgo
August 15, 2014

CHAPA (Committee for Higher Administrator Performance Appraisal)
The committee will consist of five faculty representatives appointed by the constituency senate presidents. Faculty will serve staggered three year terms and will not be appointed to more than two successive three year terms.

Dawn East
June 30, 2014

Nate Scott
June 30, 2014

Past President

Tim Schoenecker

Enrollment Management Council

Jocelyn DeGroot

Enterprise-level Systems Committee (ITS)

Evaluation (ITS)

 Erin Behnen

Matt Paris

Soondo Kweon

Karen Kelly

Carly Hayden Foster

Dwight McLeod

Kathryn Brady (for Allison Fahsl - on leave for AY 2014-15)

Rakesh Bharati

Faculty Salary Equity Committee

The Faculty Salary Equity Committee is a standing committee of the Faculty Senate Welfare Council. It is an advisory committee to the Faculty Senate.

Steve Kerber

Faculty Staff Development Committee (ITS)

To work with the Office of the Provost to develop and promote programs relating to faculty roles and responsibilities in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service, such as the Fall Faculty Symposium, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning initiatives, and Faculty conversations.

Faculty & Student Development (ITS)

Craig Steiner

Honorary and Distinguished Service Awards Committee
The SIUE Honorary Degrees and Distinguished Service Awards Committee actively solicits nominations from members of the university community to obtain a diverse pool of qualified candidates for these awards. This committee is a standing committee of the Welfare Council of the Faculty Senate and includes representatives from each university constituency.

Keith Becherer

Susan D. Wiediger Alt for Calvin Jarrell (Spring 2014)

IBHE-FAC (Illinois Board of Higher Education-Faculty Advisory Council)

Robert Dixon

Jessica Harris

Anne Powell

Juliet Kericho

Randy Pearson

Jim Zhou

Thad Meeks

Jennifer Miller

ICAC (Intercollegiate Athletic Committee)
The Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics is constituted as a free-standing committee of the University.

Michelle Welter

Market Research (ITS)

Faculty Senate President

MLK, Jr. Celebration Planning Committee
Plans and coordinates promotions and activities for Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

Staff Senate President

Ryan Fries

Belinda Carstens-Wickham

George Pelekanos

Matt Petrocelli

Parking & Traffic Committee
The purpose of the Parking and Traffic Committee is to consider the needs, convenience and safety of the entire University community related to traffic flow and parking. This includes participation in the planning of parking facilities, the development of appropriate policies and review of enforcement procedures. Members conduct appeal hearings relating to enforcement of parking regulations and respond to complaints from the University community.

Laura Scaturro (Chair)

Bill Dusenbery

Jim McDermott

Kirt Ormesher

Katie Sjursen

PRIME Committee

Program & Class Selection/Assessment & Advising (ITS)

 Anne M. Werner

Summer Bridge and Conditional Admissions Committee 

Charles Berger 

Summer Session Enrollment Task Force  

Jonathan Pettibone

Student Driven Committee (ITS)

 Bryan Smith (Chair) 2014-2015

Valerie Yancey 2013-2015

Katie Poole 2013-2015

Elizabeth Moreton 2013-2015

Bryan Smith 2013-2015

George Watson 2012-2014

Kelly Barry 2012-2014

Serdar Celik 2012-2014

Lora Smallman (LIS) (2014-2015)

Teaching Excellence Award Committee

Cindy Traub

Teaching, Scholarship and Service Committee(ITS)

Chris Bulock

UCB (University Center Board)

The University Center Board (UCB) serves as an advisory board and functions as the primary recommending body to the Director regarding building services, fees, and policies for the Morris University Center.

Cindy Cobetto

Faculty Senate President Elect
University Fellowship and Scholarship Committee
The University Fellowship and Scholarship Committee handles all matters dealing with extra-university fellowships and scholarships. The charge to the committee is to interview applicants and to recommend nominees for extra-university fellowships and scholarships where applicants require an institutional recommendation or support, whether the applicants are undergraduates, graduate students, or faculty. The membership of this committee shall be composed of the Provost, the President of the Faculty Senate, and three full-time teaching faculty members appointed by the Chancellor for three-year staggered terms.
Staff Senate President Elect

Faculty Senate President

UQC (University Quality Council)

The University Quality Council (UQC) is vital to creating and sustaining quality improvement for SIUE. Because planning is an essential element of quality, the UQC was formed to provide ongoing vision, guidance, and support related to issues of quality and continuous improvement.

Staff Senate President

Morris Taylor (Chair)
June 30, 2016

Nancy Lutz 
June 30, 2017

Stephen Marlette 
June 30, 2017

Susan Yager (FS Past Pres.)
August 15, 2016

Erin Timpe
June 30, 2015

Rakesh Bharati
June 30, 2016


UPBC (University Planning & Budget Committee)
The University Planning and Budget Council (UPBC) is a constituency-based group of 16 members that advise the Chancellor on matters related to the budget and allocation of future resources. The UPBC meets regularly and through open and honest dialogue assists the Chancellor in guiding the financial planning of the University.

Kathleen Gardner
June 30, 2017

Michelle Welter (SS Past Pres.) 
June 30, 2015

Norris Manning
June 30, 2015

Faculty Senate

Standing Committees

Staff Senate

Sue Cataldai (2016)

Steve Tamar (2016)

Howard Ramsby (2015)

Eric Ruckh (2015)

Dave Kauzlarich (2016)

Gerald O'Brien (2016)

Johanna Schmitz (2015)

Allison Funk (2015)

Linda Markowitz (2016)

Paul Anthony (2017)

Martin Land (2016)

Bijoy Bordoloi ()  

Timothy McPherson (2015)

Dan Segrist (2016)

Nicole Klein (2015)

Steve Hupp 2015)


Charlotte Johnson (2015), Jessica Kerr (2016), Christopher Herndon (), Mark Belcher (2014), Tom Fowler (2014), Joel Knapp (2014), JackGlassman (2016), Trish Oberweis (2016), Gertrude Pannirselvam (2014), Karen Kelly (2015), Anthony Denkyirah (2016)

Faculty Grievance Committee
This Faculty Grievance Policy, as authorized by the Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois University, provides a means for faculty to resolve disputes between members of the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville community quickly and fairly.

Zenia Agustin(Director)

Anne Flaherty, Chair

Eric Voss

Melodie Rowbotham

Cathy Daus

Jingyi Jia

General Education Committee
SIUE's General Education Program-the Lincoln Program-plays a significant, foundational and guiding role in preparing students to meet the standards contained above in the Objectives of the Baccalaureate Degree. Why is it called the Lincoln Program? There are several ways in which Abraham Lincoln embodies the purposes of baccalaureate education at SIUE. Mostly self educated, he took responsibility for his own education and this experience instilled in him a deep-seated respect for learning. Lincoln understood that education has utility and value for both the individual and the society.

Anne Kates (Chair)

Graduation Appeals Committee
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