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The Staff Senate

The Staff Senate
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May 14, 2009, 9:00 a.m.
Morris University Center International Room
Approved Minutes

The regular meeting of the Staff Senate was called to order on May 14, 2009 at 9:08 a.m. in the Morris University Center International Room by Brian W. Lotz, President.

Announcements: none

Present: Bartholomew, Dusenbery, Fetters, Gorsage, Hamil, Harris, Herbeck, Hicks, Kremer, Lotz, Miller, McKaig, Nash, Schoenborn, Candela

Excused: Downey, Erb, Harris, Pulley, Robinson, Stunkel

Not Present: Loring, Turley

Approval of Minutes: Melanie Schoenborn made a motion to accept the April 9 minutes as written. Bill Dusenbery seconded. The minutes were approved as written.

Treasurer's Report: Melanie Schoenborn reported in Jesse Harris's excused absence. It was noted to use the numbers from the last treasurer's report with the addition of a deposit made to the benefit account from the BBQ $1,80l, soda $178 and monthly deposits. Melanie Schoenborn reported that there will be more money for the BBQ turned in.

Old Business:

BBQ update: Melanie reviewed the inventory. Melanie reported that the BBQ raised $700.00 to date and more expected to be turned in from prior ticket sales. There was a discussion about ticket sales, food portions, soda ticket sales, and possibly having a Dining Services volunteer at the BBQ. The volunteer would help with portions and communicating with Dining Services when running low.

Other Old Business: none

New Business:

UPBC Recommendation: It was recommended by the Executive Board that Alan Gaffney be on the UPBC as the Staff representative. Alan is an Open Range employee, in the OIT department and served in the Air Force. Melanie Schoenborn moved that Alan Gaffney be on the UPBC Board next term in place of Jesse Harris whose term is up. It was seconded by Bill Dusenbery. There was discussion that Todd Bartholomew will be on the board another year and Scott Gluntz is the other Staff Senate representative on the UPBC. The motion carried.

Other New Business:

Melanie Schoenborn announced the Verizon Appreciation Days May 19-20 giving University employees an 18% discount. It was also noted that the SIUE Purchasing website lists other discounts that employees are eligible to receive.

Catherine Miller reported that the Chancellor made the Business Journal regarding the University Park and their new tenant American Red Cross.

Bill Dusenbery had a discussion about the loss of 403B providers. It would be a good idea to check the Human Resources web site. There were more discussions about healthcare and Governor Quinn.

Pam Fetters reported on plans for a lunch meeting regarding a dinner theater to raise funds for the Staff Senate Scholarship. There was a discussion about possibly posting past Staff Senate scholarship recipients to the web site. Jesse will be contacted to get his input on a survey to be sent out to those people who received awards.

Todd Bartholomew brought up discussion about the AFSCME Rally that was at Gateway Center, Collinsville. Mike Hamil provided to the senate the website address


Ex Officio:

Personnel: no report

SURS/SUCSAC: no report


Negotiating and Prevailing: no report

Open Range: no report

Professional Staff: no report

Satellite Campus Reports:

Alton: Jackie Candela reported that some old siding is being torn off the old Gymnasium because of asbestos.

East St. Louis: Bill Dusenbery reported that the old news about the Trio grant hit the newspapers. Brian Lotz reported that the next BOT meeting would be in East St. Louis.

UPBC: Todd reported no news about the state budget.

Policy Review Committee: no report

Scholarship Committee: Melanie Schoenborn reported that the Selection committee met and chose James Joseph Feigl, III as the Summer 09 scholarship recipient. The Senate approved. Pictures will be taken at the June 4 meeting.

Melanie Schoenborn handed out the Fall Scholarship calendar. The Selection Committee met and made changes to the application. The forms will be updated by Norris Manning. The forms will be changed so that they can be completed on-line and a hardcopy can be submitted. It will be mandatory to type the application. The deadline will be at NOON on June 26. The option will be to award as little as $0 and as much as $1,000 to as many awardees as the Committee sees fit.

Fundraising Committee: Melanie Schoenborn reported for Jesse Harris that there will be a meeting with Greg Conroy. Greg Conroy will present the idea to FOTAD of working together with the Staff Senate.

Goals Committee: no report

Newsletter: Mike Hamil reported the deadline will be the first week in August.

Council of Councils: Mike Pulley still needs a letter from Brian Lotz for the web page and Brian's Corner for the newsletter.

Other Business: Brian Lotz will talk to Corey Bradford, Ethics Officer at SIU about pensions and new hires. Brian Lotz reported storm damage on the SIUC campus.

Adjournment: Melanie Schoenborn made a motion to adjourn at 10:16 a.m.

Approved as amended June 4, 2009
Vicki Kruse/University Governance

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