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The Staff Senate

The Staff Senate
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FEBRUARY 5, 2009 - 9:00 AM

The regular meeting of the Staff Senate was called to order on February 5, 2009 at 9:07 a.m. in the Morris University Center International Room by Brian Lotz, President.

Announcements: The Staff Senate welcomed Amber Suggs of the Student Senate to the meeting as a guest. It was announced that John Nehrt from the Alton Social Security Office would be our speaker today at the Brown Bag Lunch at 11:30 in the Morris University Center Oak Redbud Room

Present: Bartholomew, Downey, Dusenbery, Fetters, Gaffney, Gorsage, Harris, Herbeck, Hicks, Kremer, Loring, Lotz, Miller, McKaig, Mumphard, Pulley, Robinson, Schoenborn, Wense, Candela, Nash

Excused: Erb, Hamil

Approval of Minutes: A motion was made by Todd Bartholomew and seconded by Bill Dusenbery to approve the January 8 Minutes as is.

Treasurer's Report: Jesse Harris submitted the treasurer's report.

Old Business:

Brown Bag Lunch Series update: The December Brown Bag was successful with attendance and information. Topics up for discussion in February and March are the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and Government Pension Offset (GPO) by John Nehrt from the Alton Social Security Office.

Other Old Business: none

New Business: There was a discussion about a possible Legislative Action Committee being formed. Bill Dusenbery and Jesse Harris are willing to work on such a committee. It was tabled until Brian Lotz contacts David Gross who does legislative work for SIU.

Joe Loring gave, as an FYI, a Listserv address of university employees that includes universities across the state


Ex-Officio Reports:

Personnel - no report

SURS/SUCSAC- Linda Wense reported that there is another push to combine the retirement system. Linda gave an update from Tom Morelock, Director of the System Office - State Universities Civil Service System Office on how the budget could affect the employees. There is a national search for a new director.

Panel Reports

Negotiated and Prevailing - no report

Open Range - no report

Professional Staff - no report

Satellite Campus Reports:

Alton - Jackie Candela reported that the Oral Surgery Remodel/Expansion, made possible because of a very generous donation from Delta Dental, is scheduled to be completed in early August

E. St. Louis - Bill Dusenbery reported that there are no major changes at the E. St. Louis Campus. There was a discussion about possible programs.

UPBC: no report

Policy Review Committee: no report

Fundraising Committee - Staff Senate BBQ - April 23, 11:30am - 1:00pm- Melanie will do tickets. There was a discussion about the ticket process and the cost. It was considered to possibly pay for the drink at front table and use a ticket at the drink table. It was decided to use the same menu as last year.

Goals Committee - no report

Newsletter - Mike Hamil needs new ideas or suggestions for newsletter. It was suggested to have Photo Services take a Staff Senate group picture and place it in the newsletter.

Council of Councils - Mike Pulley reported that the web site would be completed by Wednesday. Mike continues to plan for the event, gathering speakers, setting up reservations for the hotel and rounding up donations for the door prizes. Brian Lotz will invite the mayor of Edwardsville to either attend or send a letter. There was a discussion regarding what the Staff Senators and Panel members will need to do at the event. Greg Conroy will be invited to attend the event for press coverage. The radio station will be informed of the event.

Other Reports: A discussion about the parking lot B equipment was led by Bill Dusenbery. Parking & Traffic meeting is Friday and more information to come from that. Employee Appreciation goal is hoped to be in May.

Adjournment: Todd Bartholomew made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Bill Dusenbery seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 am.

Approved as written March 5, 2009
Vicki Kruse
University Governance

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