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The Staff Senate

The Staff Senate
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MAY 1, 2008

The regular meeting of the Staff Senate was called to order on May 1, 2008, at 9:10 am in the International Room at Morris University Center by Todd Bartholomew, president.
Present: Bartholomew, Erb, Hamil, Harris, Hicks, Kremer, Loring, Lotz, Pulley, Robinson, Stunkel, Wense, Candela
Excused: Downey, Dusenbery, Schoenborn, Herbeck
Absent: Blackwell, Fetters, Herbeck, Miller, Turley
Guests: George Johnson - E. St. Louis, Derek Forrester - Alton Dental School, Gaston Reinoso - HR Assistant Director, Leanne Lochhaas - retired HR manager

Todd Bartholomew observed a moment of silence in honor of National Prayer Day.
Announcements: Todd Bartholomew announced that guest Gaston Reinoso, Assistant Director of Human Resources will give a presentation at 9:30 a.m. about the PDQ process.
Approval of Minutes: Corrections were made to the minutes. Brian Lotz made a motion to approve the minutes as corrected. It was seconded by Mike Hamil. The motion passed
Treasurer: Jessie Harris reported balances on hand as of March 31, 2008:

  • University Staff Senate Scholarship 1,057.55
  • University Staff Senate Scholarship Endowment 38,376.39
  • Faculty Senate Development 169.19
  • Faculty for Collective Bargaining Scholarship 1,511.98
  • SIUE Faculty for Collective Bargaining Organ. Sch. 15,721.67
  • TOTAL: 62,715.92
  • Activity during this time:
    Scholarship Awards $1,500.00
    Morgan Clymer $1,000.00
    Kaitlyn Rausch $500.00
  • Income and Gifts $39.00
    Gifts +$39.00

Old Business:
Goals Committee
: Brian Lotz had no report but asked for list of committee members. They are: Kyle Stunkel, Jesse Harris, Greg Herbeck, Linda Wense.
Newsletter: Mike Pulley and Mike Hamil requested information from everyone to be put in the newsletter for August.
Other Old Business:

1. Jesse Harris would like to see the Staff Senate go forth with Brown Bag Lunches regarding issues like; SURS, WEP (Windfall Elimination Provision) and invite a representative from Social Security to the lunch to discuss the importance of lobbying with our legislators to reverse these. Linda Wense is checking into coordinating a meeting for these issues. Jesse talked to David Steinberg about partnering regarding the issues and the post card campaign, Todd talked to the Chancellor and will get us a copy of the letter format for information that can be used on the postcard. Todd opened a discussion of the Capital Bill. Jesse reported that the Constitutional Convention was stalled at State level. Some things to think about are Retirement - do we want it, yes or no? Pay matching $$ and what amount?

2. The Staff Senate BBQ results:
Amended Confirmation Cost $1237.95
Meal tickets +$1,919.00
Soda +$244.00
Checks turned in after the event +$56.00
Dollars turned in after the event +$113.00

Profit + $1,094.05
Discussion of leftovers put on hold for next meeting.

Presentation - Gaston Reinoso gave a presentation on the PDQ process, and Leanne Lochhaas had additional information. There was a discussion during and after the presentation.
Adjournment of the meeting - Brian Lotz made a motion to table the agenda until next meeting, and Mike Hamil seconded. Mike Pulley made a motion for an Adjournment of the Meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 a.m.

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