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The Staff Senate

The Staff Senate
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Announcement: none

The regular meeting of the Staff Senate was called to order by on September 4, 2008 at 9:05 am in the MUC International Room by Brian Lotz, President.

Present: Bartholomew, Downey, Dusenbery, Fetters, Gaffney, Gorsage, Hamil, Harris, Herbeck, Hicks, Loring, Lotz, McKaig, Mumphard, Pulley, Schoenborn

Excused: Erb, Kremer, Robinson, Stunkel, Wense, Candela

Not Present: Lesicko, Senkfor, Turley

Approval of August 7, 2008 Minutes: Corrections were made to the minutes. A motion was made by Bill Dusenbery to accept the minutes as corrected. A second was made by Mike Hamil. The motion carried.

Treasurer's Report: Jesse Harris reported the July 31, 2008 balances of each account.

University Staff Senate Benefit 6,949.52

Faculty Senate Development 169.19

Faculty for Collective Bargaining Scholarship 1,939.43

University Staff Senate Scholarship 2,246.49

SIUE Faculty for Collective Bargaining Organ.Sch. Reserve 14,418.24

University Staff Senate Scholarship Endowment Reserve 34, 752.16

GRAND TOTAL 60,475.03

Jesse reported an inconsistency in the balances of account #30-008-715 from 5-31, 2008 and 7-31, 2008 in the amounts of $798.19 and $4,578.42. Jesse pointed out the same inconsistency during the same time period with the Faculty for Collective Bargaining Scholarship account #30-008-102 in the amount of $1,303.43.


Old Business:

A copy of a letter to Rich Hampton of the SIUE Foundation is attached regarding the inconsistency and a request for a spokesperson to attend a Staff Senate meeting to explain the accounting procedure for these accounts.

A motion was made by Bill Dusenbery to ask the President, Brian Lotz to forward that letter under his signature. A second was made by Terry Downey. The motion carried.

A copy of the letter will be filed in the Governance Office.

Post Card Campaign: Todd reported that he has a few more post cards for the Post Card Campaign.

Brown Bag Lunch Series: Jesse reported under political action we are closer to launching the Brown Bag Lunch Series with speakers from SUAA and a representative from the Alton Social Security Office. Jesse will come to the next meeting with a slate of ideas.

Off Campus Meetings: the By-Laws require the Senate to have a meeting at Alton in April and a meeting at East St. Louis in November. Transportation is to be arranged for 1 or 2 vans each day. One of the senators will drive. We will meet at the Rendleman Circle 8:15 am (Hairpin Drive). Everyone is to let Vicki know if you need a ride.

Goals Committee Chair announced: Brian Lots announced the appointment of Kyle Stunkel as the Chair to Goals Committee for 2008/2009.


New Business:

Brian Lotz reported that John Navin reported a vacancy on CHAPA (Committee for Higher Administrator Performance Appraisal). CHAPA does the review of the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors. Two terms were up; Jill Yates and Darlene Harmon. Jill Yates agreed to serve again and Darlene Harmon did not renew. Dawn East agreed to fill the vacant position as a CHAPA member.

Bill Dusenbery made a motion to ratify the committee appointments of Jill Yates and Dawn East. It was seconded by Jesse Harris. The motion carried.


Ex-Officio Reports:

Personnel - no report

SURS - no report

SUCSAC - Melanie talked to Linda Wense about someone getting in contact with Shrylene Clark-Langston regarding EAC. Linda will be at EAC meeting next month instead of Staff Senate meeting. Linda will set up the October 2009 EAC meetings to be here at SIUE on Wednesday and Thursday and the Staff Senate would have Friday, and if it doesn't work out, their meeting can be moved over to Thursday and Friday (normal meeting days). Brian Lotz asked Mike Pulley to put together a committee and Linda to serve as advisory to that committee. Brian mentioned it to Shrylene that they would be talking to her about it. Mike will talk to Shrylene soon.


Panel Reports

Negotiated and Prevailing - Greg Herbeck reported that they received notification for exclusive bargaining rights for the plumbers and pipe-fitters, posted about a week ago. The trades petitioned for a union contract and would like to detach the trade from prevailing rates.

Open Range - no report

Professional Staff - no report


Satellite Campus Reports

Alton - no report

East St. Louis - Bill reported that the ATM with Associated Bank was approved and running. It is located in the B Cafeteria area.


UPBC - Jesse reported that the first meeting is tomorrow.

Scholarship Committee - Melanie reported that tomorrow is the Cabaret. Jesse reported on the progress of the pictorial history handout. He passed it out for everyone to review. The plan would be to have enough for one at each table. The Cabaret is in motion with the food ordered, and the entertainment lined up. Jesse briefly outlined the program.

Policy Review Committee - no report

Fundraising Committee - Ice Cream Cabaret, above

Goals Committee - no report

Newsletter - Mike Hamil reported the newsletter went out as scheduled. It was decided that there are name labels that need to be taken off before labeling the newsletter. The deadline was established for the winter newsletter. Mike Hamil will be off for ankle surgery beginning November 17, so the deadline is set for then and ready for mailing the beginning of December.

Other reports - Brian Lotz read Thank you cards from Fall Staff Senate Scholarship recipients Ashley and Allie Herbeck.

Bill thanked Joe Loring for passing out information on the health issue.


Adjournment: Bill Dusenbery made a motion to adjourn. The meeting was adjourned 9:50 am.

Approved as corrected October 9, 2008

Vicki Kruse, University Governance

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