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The Staff Senate

The Staff Senate
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JUNE 5, 2008

Chancellor Vaughn Vandegrift presented Chelsie Lesick o with the Summer 2008 University Staff Senate Scholarship Certificate at 9:00 a.m. Chelsie's parents, Donna and Jeff Lesick o were also present for the presentation of the award and pictures with the Chancellor.

The regular meeting of the Staff senate was called to order on June 5, 2008, at 9:15 a.m. in the International Room at Morris University Center by Todd Bartholomew, President.

Present: Bartholomew, Hamil, Harris , Herbeck, Stunkel, Candela (Alton Rep.), Schoenborn, Downey,
Excused: Duesenbery, Erb, Fetters, Kremer, Loring, Lotz, Pulley, Wense
Absent: Blackwell, Hicks, Miller, Robinson, Turley (East St. Louis Rep.)
Guests: Chancellor Vaughn Vandegrift, Chelsie Lesicko, Donna Lesicko, Jeffrey

Approval of Minutes: Corrections were made to the minutes. A motion was made by Mike Hamil to approve the minutes as corrected. Terry Downey seconded. The motion passed.

Treasurer: Jesse Harris reported a balance of $33,875.97 on hand in the endowment account as of May 31, 2008.

Old Business:
Newsletter - ideas needed
New H.R. Director starts June 10, 2008. We need to invite her to the next meeting.
FY07 Goals and Initiatives - copies need to be made. Committee will work on meeting and updating these. This will be discussed at next Executive meeting.
Other Old Business - Someone needs to take pictures at next years BBQ for the newsletter.

New Business:
a) Ice Cream Cabaret - look for entertainment. Committee will request for ice cream now. The request for talent needs to be by July 1.
b) An issue was brought to Jesse's attention regarding the Sick Leave Policy being different for the different areas. Is there a baseline benefit regarding sick leave that everyone gets across the board? A request was made to investigate the issue. Look at this in regards of the welfare of the 'whole' university and then if the senate wants to move as the Senate going forward.
c) An issue regarding office procedure superseding university policy was discussed. If the new policy benefits the student, then why use the office procedure. Todd to bring this issue to the Chancellor regarding a question from the advising side of the house that affects retention of student; if a policy is stated on the web, does an office have a right to implement a procedure that is counter to the policy on the web?
d) Scholarship - A motion was made by Terry Downey for $2,000.00 to be distributed among Fall 2008 scholarship awardees by the committee. A friendly motion was made by Jesse Harris that "Not all monies going to one person". The motion was seconded by Mike Hamil. The motion carried.
e) Elections: Melanie, Chair will run election this year. She will not take the chairmanship of the Open Range for the coming year. She will do the Constitution / By-Laws committee if asked. Another person for Chair of Open Range will need to be nominated at the August meeting. Candidates must fill out the petitions and statements for filing in office. Newly elected officers and current need to be listed in the newsletter

A recess was called by Todd Bartholomew, president at 10:30 a.m.
Todd called the meeting back to order from recess at 10:40 a.m.

a) Ex-Officio Reports- no reports
1. Personnel
b) Panel Reports
1. Negotiated and Prevailing - Building Services meeting on the June 18. Negotiations going on now, contracts up around July. Contracts running smoothly. The university wants a 5 year contract for grounds and building engineers. Voting in a few days. To put the application for SUAA in the newsletter. List SUAA in the Agenda under Old Business for July meeting.
2. Open Range - none
3. Professional Staff - none
c) Satellite Campus Reports
1. Alton - parking lot re-striped
2. E. St. Louis
d) UPBC - minutes posted on - soon to be - no report
e) Scholarship Committee - in 'New Business'
f) Policy Review Committee - no report
g) Fundraising Committee - Melanie and Jesse to make deposit tomorrow, June 6, 2008 from the SS BBQ.
1. Ice Cream Cabaret - no report
h) Other Reports - none

Adjournment: A motion was made by Mike Hamil to adjourn and seconded by Kyle Stunkel. Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

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